The time of Shahin Saipa’s release to the market was announced

According to reports EconomyNews According to Tasnim, Seyed Javad Soleimani, while the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade visited Saipa Automotive Group, stating that we are trying and hope to be able to satisfy more people, added: “Shahin car, which was also approved by Minister of Silence today.” , Designed in the country and is the result of the efforts of Saipa Group engineers.


Soleimani continued: All components and elements of Shahin car have been designed in the country and are also planned to reduce its value.

He said that Saipa’s new product will be delivered to customers this winter, adding: Shahin Saipa is at a desirable and high level in terms of standards and can receive 3 quality stars of European standards.

Soleimani announced that the amount of construction inside Shahin car in the first phase of production is about 85% and said: “This product also has a value of 15%, which we planned to reach the lowest possible value in a short period of time.”

It is worth mentioning that the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade today (Saturday) visited Saipa Research and Innovation Center and the production line of the new product of this automotive group.

Alireza Razm Hosseini also visited the latest Saipa designed cars in this center and was informed about the production process in this automotive group. He also visited Shahin car body and assembly halls.

* If automobile industry Be competitive, definitely the situation Automakers The interior will be better

In addition, Alireza Razm Hosseini also visited the group at the same time Saipa Automotive Referring to the increase in the exchange rate in recent years, he said: “This increase has caused a crisis in the country’s auto industry, but in the current situation where we are witnessing exchange rate stability, there is a possibility that Saipa’s situation will improve.”

Razm Hosseini, stating that Saipa has fulfilled its obligations well, continued: “Fortunately, Saipa has a new product called Shahin ready to be offered in the market, which is produced with Iranian design and is suitable for the Iranian market.”

He also referred to the plans of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in the field of automobile industry and added: “If we move towards making the automobile industry more competitive, the situation of domestic automakers will definitely improve and they will increase production.”

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade regarding Saipa’s actions in the last two years to remove Pride from the production line, start mass production of Shahin and design the first Iranian crossover in the conditions of sanctions and Corona outbreak, said: The Ministry of Silence will help continue this process. In this regard, with measures such as foreign exchange and financing, a very good package was prepared in the last two months, so that with the help of the Central Bank and the competitiveness of the automotive industry, we can see an increase in the quantity and quality of production vehicles.