The UAE was licensed to export non-alcoholic disinfectants

The Director General of the Export Development Office of Industrial and Mineral Products of the Trade Development Organization of Iran announced the issuance of a license to export non-alcoholic disinfectants to the UAE.

According to the economic observation report and quoting the public relations of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, Mirabutaleb Badri stated this news: The Trade Development Organization of Iran is trying to provide conditions by removing restrictions and export bans (taking into account the needs of the domestic market) to Exporters of health-oriented items can take advantage of export opportunities during the corona.

“The world will not wait for Iran in the face of domestic export bans,” Badri said during a visit to a factory that produces nanosil disinfectants, health, food and animal medicines in Mallard County.

It should be noted that non-alcoholic disinfectants (nanosil) are solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and silver ions and essential oils, so that hydrogen peroxide has a very wide antimicrobial effect and the presence of silver ions in small amounts in addition to having a catalytic role. Ensures long-term effect and stability of hydrogen peroxide.