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Alidosti song He was born on January 13, 1983 in Tehran. Taraneh Alidosti is the son of Nadereh Hakim Elahi, a sculptor, and Hamid Alidosti is a former player of the Iranian national football team and one of the current football coaches. Taraneh Alidosti is married to Ali Mansour and has a daughter named Hana.


Childhood song by Alidosti

Childhood actress in her father’s arms

Hamid Alidosti played in the Iran League in 1975 with the Daraei team jersey. Alidosti also experienced participation in teams such as Homa and Keshavarz and played in German leagues between 1986 and 1986, but in 1995, he participated in league matches with Saipa team and spent the last year of his football career.

Alidosti song photo

Prinaz Izdiar and Taraneh Alidosti, actors of Shahrzad

Taraneh Alidosti is married to Ali Mansour and has a daughter named Hana.

Song of Alidosti and his wife and daughter

Song by Alidosti and his wife and daughter Hana

Girl song by Alidosti

Song by Alidosti and his daughter

In middle school, Taraneh studied music at the conservatory for two years, playing the clarinet and the piano. In high school, he studied experimental sciences and enrolled in Amin Tarakh’s acting classes.

The father of Alidosti song

Hamid Alidosti with his daughter Taraneh Alidosti

Acting activity of Alidosti song

In 2000, he was selected to play the role of Parnian song in the movie “I have a song for 15 years” through the same classes, and after playing in this movie, he had an interruption in his education and finally graduated in computer science.

Alidosti song

Alidosti song in my movie I am 15 years old

She won the Crystal Simorgh Award at the 20th Fajr Film Festival, the Golden Palm Award at the 3rd Abadan Social Film Festival, the Iranian Cinema Critics and Writers Award, and the Best Actress Award at the 55th Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) for her role in (I Am a Song …). ) Received.

Taraneh Alidosti was selected as the best actress of the decade by 130 writers and film critics in the special issue of issue 100 of Cinema Industry Monthly, which is a look at Iranian cinema in the eighties. Also in 2011, the film cinema magazine selected her as the best actress of the 80’s.

Alidosti song

Alidosti song photos

After his successful cinematic experiences, Alidosti also experienced acting in the theater with the play Fenz. The show was well received. In 2000-2001, he passed a screenwriting course in art classes. He did not appear in a film until 2003 and focused more on his other interests such as writing and music.

Writing a song by Alidosti

Writing a song by Alidosti

His brother died on Syrian Wednesday in 2004. This happened exactly on the same days that Alidosti was starring in the film Chaharshanbeh Soori, a film in which he was able to establish his position as a capable actor by shining in a different role.

Alidosti’s song recently shone well with her role in Absolute Rest, she is currently starring in Shahrzad.

Song by Alidosti and Reza Attaran

Song by Alidosti and Reza Attaran in the movie Absolute Rest

Filmography of Alidosti song

Alidosti song in cinema

  • Seller 1394
  • Absolute rest (1393)
  • Shallow yellow sky (1391)
  • Cohabitation of Mr. Mahmoudi and Banoo (2012)
  • The end of the eighth street (1390)
  • Simple catering (1390)
  • Whatever God Wants (1389)
  • The secret of Taran plain (1388)
  • Doubt (1387)
  • About Eli (1387)
  • Life with closed eyes (1387)
  • Canaan (1386)
  • Wednesday (1384)
  • Beautiful city (1382)
  • I have a song for fifteen years (2001)

Alidosti song in the theater

  • Fenz – Director Mohammad Rahmanian
  • Manifesto Cho – Director Mohammad Rahmanian
  • Hossein Rooz – Director Mohammad Rahmanian (not done)

Home show

  • 2014-2015 Shahrzad (first season)
  • 1395–96 Shahrzad (Chapter 2)
  • 1396 – 97 Shahrzad (Chapter 3)

Translated by Alidosti

  • Alidosti’s song was translated into the literature category by translating the story of my mother’s dream by Alice Monroe in the 19th edition of the chapter book.

Awards and honors of Alidosti song

Year category work festival nominated result

  • 1396 Best Cinema Actor Hafez Award Nominee
  • 2016 Best Actress in Hafezshahrzadnamdz Awards
  • 1392 Best Actress in a Leading Role for the Critics of Shallow Yellow Sky Critics
  • 2012 Parvin Award jointly with Leila Hatami and Negar Javaherian
  • 2012 Best Actor of the Festival and Simple Relaxation
  • 2012 Best Actress and the 1st Fajr Sky Shallow Yellow Festival nominee
  • 2012 Award for Best Actor in the Asian and Arabic Film Festival Osian Sineh, Simple Simplicity
  • 2011 Best Actress Amin Fajr Hospitality Festival Simple
  • 1388 Best Actor in a Leading Role for the Critics’ Association
  • 2008 Best Actor Twenty-seventh Fajr Festival
  • 2006 The Best Actor of the Surinamazd Cinema House Festival
  • 2005 Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Fajr Wednesday Festival
  • 2004 Best Actor at the Zibanamzad Cinema House
  • 2003 is the best actor and the second Fajr city festival is beautiful
  • 2002 Palme d’Or Award for Best Actress Abadanman Social Festival Song I Have 15 Years Winner
  • 2002 Best Actress Award Fifteenth and 5th Locarno Swissman Film Festival Song I Have 15 Years Winner
  • 2002 Award for Best Actress by the Iranian Critics and Writers Association
  • 2001 Simorgh, the best actor of Fajr Man Festival, I have a song for 15 years