The value of equity and low stock on January 29, 1999

Today (Tuesday, January 29), the fourth working day of the stock exchange this week with a growth of 1540 units Total stock index And this symbol started to be at the height of one million and 438 thousand units, but this trend was reversed in the continuation of the day until the fall of 25168 units of the total stock index at the end of today’s trading. The altitude reached one million and 412 thousand units.

Therefore, at the end of today’s trading, the family symbols Shasta, Fars, Foolad, Khodro, Shepna, Shebandar have the most negative impact on the total. Exchange Put; And the symbols of Kama – Bama, Shasta – Social Security Investment, Shepna – Isfahan Oil Refinery, Barakat – Barakat Pharmaceutical Group, Khodro – Iran Khodro, Kachad – Mineral, Industrial, Chadormelo and Khosapa – Saipa were at the top of the list of most popular stock symbols.

What was the value of the stock of justice?

Despite the decline in the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange value Justice shares Today was an increase. The price of the stock exchange portfolio of 532 thousand Tomans today increased by 5 thousand 275 Tomans, equivalent to 0.05%, and reached 9 million 491 thousand 582 Tomans.
Accordingly, the value of 60% of the released justice shares reached 5 million 694 thousand 949 Tomans.

What is the value of my property?

The final price of each unit of Have less With a decrease of 2.42 percent compared to the previous trading day, 16 thousand 970 Tomans were traded to reduce the value of 200 units from the first government ETF to 3 million 394 thousand Tomans. Of course, in today’s transactions, the last traded price for each unit of low-income was reduced by 3.28 percent compared to the previous trading day of 16 thousand and 821 Tomans.