The value of market transactions exceeded 20 thousand billion Tomans / “Kama” is the leader in the value of market transactions today with 1300 billion Tomans

According to Baaqtesad news website, today’s market continued its work in the first half with a relative increase in demand, but from the second half, the sales pressure in the market gradually increased, and finally the total index ended its work with a drop of more than 25,000 units. Today, more than 13 billion shares were traded in both stock and OTC markets, and the value of transactions in both markets exceeded 20,000 billion tomans. One of the important features of today’s market was the positive of all symbols of the pharmaceutical industry due to the beginning of the trial phase of the Corona vaccine.

Among the industries, the automotive group had the largest volume of transactions with a turnover of 2 billion and 263 million shares. After the automotive food group, except for the sugar industry, with 658 million shares, it was the second largest group in the market, followed by the metal ores group, with more than 581 million shares. Today, the group of metal ores had the highest value of transactions with more than 1400 billion Tomans, and pharmaceutical materials with more than 1215 billion Tomans took the second place, and then the group of automobiles with 1212 billion Tomans had the highest value of transactions after the above two groups. He did.

Among the symbols, Khodro Group with the transfer of 867 million shares worth more than 276 billion Tomans had the highest volume of market transactions and the symbol “Kama” with the transfer of more than 482 million shares worth more than 1200 billion Tomans had the highest value of transactions. Took it.

The stock market witnessed 1.6 million transactions today, in which 9 billion 628 million shares were traded. The value of stock market transactions was more than 13200 billion tomans. Family symbols, Shasta, Fars and Foolad had the most negative impact on the market.

More than 812 thousand transactions were made in the OTC market and 3 billion and 531 million shares worth 7 thousand billion Tomans were traded in these transactions. Zob, Shagovia, Maroon and Saba had the most negative impact and Koghar and Ghosino had the most positive impact on the overall OTC index.

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