The value of petrochemical industry production will reach $ 25 billion by 1400

According to the Baaqtesad news website, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh in a radio interview about the products of the petrochemical industry added: The total value of the products of the Iranian petrochemical industry before and after the revolution did not reach one billion dollars a year until 1976.

He stated: The value of petrochemical industrial products in 1997 was two billion dollars at the base price in 2016.

The Minister of Oil of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: The real prices of these products in that year were not more than one billion dollars. This amount reached nearly 11 billion dollars in 1992, which will reach 25 billion dollars in 1400 and 37 billion dollars in 1404 with the next rise.

Namdar Zanganeh stated: The petrochemical industry started its activities in the country in 1342 with the construction of a chemical fertilizer factory in Marvdasht, Fars province. The growth trend of the petrochemical industry until the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was not very significant, in other words, the main leap of this industry took place after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the country.

The Minister of Oil of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “The fact of the matter is that with the development of South Pars, it was decided to seriously pursue the development of the petrochemical industry in the country, because valuable feed such as ethane, gas condensate and liquefied petroleum gas were produced in South Pars.”

He added: “A huge investment was made for the first time along with the development of the gas field and at the same time in the country’s petrochemical sector, and at the same time a very good investment was started in Bandar Imam.” The combination of these investments marked the first leap in the country’s petrochemical industry.

He continued: The income of Iran’s petrochemical industry with the first jump in 1992 reached 11 billion dollars and since 1992 with the second jump, the activities and actions of the industry were followed and with the completion of projects by the end of 1400 this income will reach 25 billion dollars. The third leap, with planned and ongoing plans, will reach $ 37 billion in 1404.

The Minister of Oil also pointed out that if there was no petrochemical industry in Iran today, the country could hardly pass the sanctions, he said: In general, in the years of sanctions, the petrochemical industry helped to provide foreign exchange, import goods needed for the country and feed domestic industries. کرد. Apart from this proud petrochemical industry, it is one of the examples of preventing the sale of raw materials and creating a value chain in the country.

Namdar Zanganeh, while referring to the supply of $ 5.8 billion worth of food to domestic industries, said: This food is often delivered through the exchange to industries. Fortunately, today, various goods are produced in the downstream industries of the country’s petrochemical industry, some of which are for domestic consumption and some of which are exported.

The Minister of Oil reminded: “This ministry has used its efforts and determination to continue the development of the oil industry during the sanctions period, and great achievements have been achieved by relying on the policies of the resistance economy, and the leaps of the petrochemical industry are among these important achievements.”

Source: Senate