The value of the first refining day on December 29, 1999

Today’s refining symbols were accompanied by a drop in prices after the growth in yesterday’s transactions. Shepna with 958 units and Shebandar with negative 860 units were among the symbols affecting the decline of the total index and other symbols present in the fund. Refining one Shebander (3.54%) and Shabriz (4.18%) faced price declines today.

Refining value of the first 9th of Dey 99

Today, Tuesday, December 29, 1999, the final price refinement share of each unit of Refining one With a decrease of 3.91% compared to the previous trading day, 8,371 Tomans were traded to reduce the value of 500 units from the second government ETF to 4,185,500 Tomans. Of course, in today’s transactions, the last traded price for each unit of the first refinery was reduced by 5.52% compared to the previous trading day, 8 thousand and 231 Tomans.
Meanwhile, each unit of this fund was sold to applicants at a price of 10,000 Tomans and a total of 500 units at a price of 5 million Tomans.