The value of transactions on the first day of the week reached more than 17,000 billion tomans

According to the Economic News Agency, the market today, according to forecasts, started with an increase in demand and gradually increased the power of demand in the market, so that the Shasta symbol reached its daily price ceiling after a few minutes of trading. The total stock index today increased by more than 31 thousand units to 1 million 444 thousand units. Today, small market shares were also favored by shareholders, so that the homogeneous index was added to 8800 units in today’s trading.

The main point of the market today was the shareholders’ favor with the mineral-metal symbols of the market, the most important reason being the increase in the world prices of various mineral and steel products on the London and China stock exchanges. The major symbols of this group were traded on the first day of the week, as expected, mainly at their daily prices. Some activists also reported disruptions in some brokerage systems that affected the value of trading today.

Among today’s industries, the automotive group had the highest volume and value of market transactions, and the value of the group’s transactions reached more than 1,500 billion tomans by moving 3 billion shares. After the automobile group, the banking group had the highest trading volume with more than 2 billion shares traded, followed by the petroleum products group with 700 million shares, which took the third place in the trading volume. After the automobile group, the highest value of transactions with more than 1200 billion Tomans reached the group of petroleum products, and after that, the group of basic metals with more than 1000 billion Tomans took the third place in the market.

Today, the stock market witnessed 1 million and 482 thousand transactions in which 11 billion and 600 million shares were transferred and the value of stock market transactions exceeded 12100 billion tomans. Family symbols, steel, Fars and Shasta had the greatest impact on the overall stock market index.

710 thousand transactions were made in the OTC market and 2 billion and 772 million shares were traded in these transactions. The value of OTC market transactions was 5200 billion tomans. Aria, Maroon, Midco and Zagros symbols had the greatest impact on the OTC index. OTC index today increased by 523 units to 19 thousand 437 units.

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