The victims of the funeral of Sardar Soleimani were considered martyrs / The presence of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution is a source of pride for the families of the martyrs of the funeral of Sardar Soleimani in Kerman

According to the Borna news agency from Kerman; Yadollah Movahed, on the sidelines of meeting with the families of Sardar Soleimani’s martyrs in Kerman, accompanied by the head of the Kerman Public and Revolutionary Courts, a representative of the Sarollah Corps and a representative of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation, added: The funeral of General Haj Qassem Soleimani in Kerman, the Supreme Leader, on March 7, last year, agreed to consider these martyrs as martyrs.

He reminded: The Head of the Judiciary met with a number of families of the martyrs of Sardar Soleimani at the Arbaeen ceremony of General Sardar Shahid Soleimani and the martyrs of the resistance on February 17 of last year during a trip to Kerman province to address the request. They promised to make these martyrs martyrs.

The High Representative of the Judiciary in Kerman Province, referring to the death of 61 people at the funeral of General Haj Ghasem Soleimani in Kerman due to overcrowding, said: He has also carried out the necessary judicial orders to expedite the payment of the ransom of these people