The wedding also reaches the alley of the city of cars

Mehdi Rahmati In the pre-game press conference Car City And tractor In a sarcastic speech about his team’s failure in this season of the Premier League, he said that a wedding will reach our alley as well.

سیدمهدی رحمتی In the pre-match press conference, about the meeting between Traktor and Shahrkhodro in the ninth week Premier League Stated:

Last week, against Arak Aluminum, 10 people followed the work from the first half, and finally we were able to bring back the backward game. After this, we have a meeting with Traktor. Our opponent is a good team and we have a hard job leading in Tabriz. Of course, we have a plan for this match and according to our analysis, we worked on the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths.

He added

I hope there are conditions in the game so that we can have a good day. If we do not bring bad luck, we can be sure that we will achieve what we want. The children also swore to meet the tractor.

Mehdi Rahmati explained about the reason for not concluding Shahr Khodro despite presenting beautiful games:

Media people and fans of Shahr Khodro compare this team with the team of the previous year and 2 years ago. But many of the main members of those two teams left us, and young people were added to the city of cars. If we want to look at the city of Khodro with an open mind and without neglect, we need time to be able to reach the ideal form with our young and new players. The problem is that you are comparing the current car city with the past.

The head coach of Shahrkhodro football team stated:

There is a proverb in football that says our balls also score goals and weddings take place in our alley. Our children are motivated to pursue their work to achieve what we set out to do.