The winter of hardship and suffering is coming to an end with the end of the winter of nature

According to Ibna, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims, in his Nowruz message on the occasion of the year 1400, stated that this is a winter of hardship and suffering; With the end of winter, nature is coming to an end, he emphasized: This year, the breeze of Nowruz promises the beginning of a season of prosperity, victory and progress in the office of the Iranian nation. By the grace of God, thanks to this patience and resistance, everything has been prepared for a period full of prosperity, construction, prosperity and prosperity for Iranians.

The text of the President’s Nowruz message is as follows:

in the name of God

Or the maker of hearts and visions; Or the master of the night and the day; یا محول الحول و الاحوال; Take us to the best of times

The beginning of the year 1400 to all the great people of Iran, old and young; Men and women, especially nurses and doctors, and all medical staff; Farmers and workers; Congratulations to the warriors and border guards and all the friends of Iran around the world.

I take the days of Nowruz this year, which is located in the middle of two great happy days, the birthday of the martyrs Abi Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS) and the birth of Valiasr, the Imam of the Age (as) and with courtesy to Imam Adl and Omid, I congratulate these auspicious days to the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, the great authorities of imitation and all Muslims.

This year, the end of the winter of nature, and the beginning of the time of light and warmth and the blossoming and greenness of nature; With the end of a period, hard and difficult times of the life history of the Iranian nation have coincided. Three years of brutal and oppressive economic war against the Iranian nation; A war that no other nation has experienced in contemporary history will end with the resistance of this nation.

In addition to the severity of the economic war, last year the Iranian nation, like other nations, faced a dangerous virus that doubled the difficulty of sanctions and economic warfare for Iranians. The Iranian nation entered the battle against Corona, not only deprived of the usual global aid to fight the epidemic, but also without access to its wealth in foreign banks. The sharp drop in oil prices and the oil embargo set the situation in such a way that 1399 was the worst year in the last 60 years in terms of oil revenues. During the 42 years that have passed since the victory of the revolution, I do not remember a difficult year in 1399 in terms of economic bottlenecks and constraints.

But on the other hand; This difficult and cold season, and this great plague, and the simultaneous struggle on several different fronts; Due to the epic of patience and perseverance of the Iranian nation, it became a brilliant and glorious chapter in the history of Iran.

The greatness of this epic can be realized when we know what goal our malicious enemy was pursuing and what plan he had drawn for dear Iran. As they shamelessly spoke of maximum pressure, they sought with all their might the collapse of the Iranian economy. Of course, this pressure was felt with great suffering in people’s lives, but it did not exhaust our people. They hit but they definitely did not reach their goal. And all of us, I do not know. Eventually, they left and Iran remained. Iran’s economy remained proud and increased its strength. The people of Iran remained and the epic of this nation’s unparalleled resistance was immortalized in the history of nations. In a year when the global economy experienced a decline in production at a negative 3.4 percent and many of the world’s most powerful economies saw negative rates of 5 percent to negative 10 percent, despite the corona and the imposed economic war, positive growth 2 2. Recorded 2% in his brilliant record, and our people, on the opening Thursdays of each week, witnessed the effects of a leap in production in the light of prudence and hope. These openings were all the result of openings that were achieved through constructive engagement with the world, and the exploitation of oil revenues in the National Development Fund made it possible for these infrastructural and employment-generating investments.

In the dilemma of living these days, the manifestations of empathy and arrest and the faithful help of the Iranians, once again portrayed the depth of solidarity and unity of this nation. In the days of the epidemic, maturity and social responsibility of the Iranian nation in observing health practices and lifestyle changes, became one of the manifestations of Iranian civilization.

In the field of health, the great family of health created epics and sacrifices and sacrificed many martyrs. In the production of medical equipment, medicine and vaccines, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and knowledge-based companies flourished and became the pride of the Iranian nation.

We thank the great God that this winter of hardship and suffering; Nature is coming to an end with the end of winter. This year’s Nowruz breeze promises the beginning of a season of prosperity, victory and progress in the office of the Iranian nation. By the grace of God and thanks to this patience and resistance, everything has been prepared for a period full of prosperity, construction, prosperity and prosperity for Iranians.

Today, the ill-wishers of this nation, on the other side of the world, have fallen from the seat of power with disgrace and notoriety, while the Iranian nation, tall, proud and lively, has welcomed the spring of nature and the spring of life.

Today, the enemies of the nation have admitted that the language of force, threats and sanctions cannot be spoken to the great nation of Iran. Therefore, after three years of defeat, they are forced to return to the path of constructive interaction with the Iranian nation.

Today, the Iranian nation has come to welcome the spring of nature and the spring of life, and the valuable investments it has accumulated in these eight years will be the support and baggage of its path during the period of opening and flourishing.

During these eight years, we have accumulated valuable political capital in the field of international politics, which has resulted in successive victories at the United Nations, the Security Council, and the Hague Tribunal. Today, we have a broad, deep, strategic relationship with the world, and our enemies are isolated and powerless in their positions against us.

In these eight years, despite the fact that we have always been short of financial resources, we have taken great and historic steps in developing the infrastructure needed for the development of the country. In gas production and gas supply, in oil and petrochemical refining, in electricity and water industry, communications and internet; Health, knowledge-based companies have made great and historic leaps to pave the way for the development of the country during the period of opening and prosperity.

In these eight years, agriculture and industry, and our service sector have evolved and matured and are ready to compete in global markets with greater strength and power in the new era.

In these eight years, Iran has shifted from the need to import gasoline and diesel to the position of exporter; And is on the verge of self-sufficiency in wheat, rice, and sugar; And based on this infrastructure, the country is on the verge of entering a period of prosperity and economic stability, and since 1999, water, electricity and gas have been free for low-income families, who are usually low-income.

We had such an experience with everyone for four years from 1993 to 1996. A period in which, after a deep recession, we witnessed the return of economic growth and prosperity, and even in 2016, Iran achieved the highest economic growth in the world. The period when inflation averaged 11.5 percent and was mostly in single digits. The period that recorded the highest annual record increase in net employment. Such a level of economic stability has not been experienced in the country in the last four decades.

This experience has shown us that the Iranian nation is able to achieve economic stability, sustainable single-digit inflation and sustainable economic growth during the period of openness and prosperity, in the first decade of the fifteenth century. Undoubtedly, this goal is available to our nation.

But achieving this goal requires a precise, realistic and hopeful outline of the country’s future horizon. We rely on what we have been able to say; We can. Our achievements are in front of all those who are not afraid to see the truth and do not escape from the fear of light to darkness and blackness. But achieving this clear goal requires national understanding and agreement on this common destiny.

Achieving this goal requires the participation of all Iranians in the development process. Attracting capital, knowledge-based economics and strengthening knowledge-based companies should be the focus of our development. The chains must be untied by private sector economic actors. Public and state-owned enterprises must open the way for the real people and the private sector and leave the business scene in their favor. In this case, investment expands, employment becomes sustainable, and public welfare improves. These must not be the repetition of impossible slogans. Four years of experience from 93 to 96 is the best evidence for the possibility of these requirements. Four years that proved that in this country and in this system, the inaccurate path can be corrected with tact and interaction, the right process can be reconstructed, and the impossible can be made possible.

Achieving this goal requires constructive interaction with the world. Iran can enter into regional and global trade agreements. Iran can be a center of attraction for international investors. Iran can be the most attractive space to benefit from the knowledge and capital of Iranians around the world, and Iran can have extensive, deep and stable trade with the world.

Finally, the necessary condition for achieving these goals is the active and responsible participation of individual Iranians in the field of self-determination.

As the son of this great nation, I have been serving this great nation in various political fields and various responsibilities since I was a teenager and since the beginning of the Islamic movement in 1341, and the cold and hot ups and downs of this nation’s history I have touched closely, I believe that the way to progress and open and reform things in this country, passes only through the path of participation and elections.

Democracy is a national asset and we must safeguard it away from despair and fear, and put aside our frustrations and disagreements, with a strategic view of the future.

These are the people who can choose to flourish or wither. These are the people who can choose to progress or stop. No one but the people of Iran can determine the fate of this nation. It is the divine will that has linked the change of situation in any society to the change in their souls.

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَا يَغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَومٍ حَتَّى يُغَيِّرُوا مَا بِأَنفُسِهِم

Passionate elections with maximum participation will be a prerequisite and a precondition for the realization of the aspirations of the Iranian people in the first decade of the fifteenth century.

And now the victorious Nowruz has arrived. Nowruz, which in the high and rising culture of Iranians, is both a symbol of prosperity and vitality and a symbol of spring equinox. The people of Iran have always praised moderation and welcomed prosperity. In their social and political system, too, whenever they experienced moderation with wisdom and prudence, they progressed, and wherever they were attacked by looters, oppressors, and extremists, they withered.

Next year will be the year of widespread access to vaccines and coronary control, and the year of three years of resistance and the end of sanctions. We defeated the sanctions once and we will surely defeat the sanctions together again.

At the beginning of 1400, I was more hopeful than eight years ago. Because eight years ago, we did not have this glorious experience of 4 years of economic prosperity and global interaction, nor of 3 years of resistance to economic warfare. I very much hope that with the conscious and free presence of the people, in determining their destiny, the year 1400, which is the end of the fourteenth century, will be the end of hardships and the threshold of prosperity, and open the way for the new century, which is the century of renewing the Iranian nation. To spread for the worthy progress of the Iranian nation. And the world should be better prepared for the emergence of that just and great savior of humanity.

Peace be upon you and may God have mercy on you and bless you