The words of the Minister of Education that upset the teachers + video

Minister of Education Mohsen Haji Mirzaei, in response to the protest of some teachers against their low salaries, said: “You can not accept, everyone signed a teacher contract, that is, he must work with all his heart if he can not, no one has forced him.” See details in this video.

Recalling the words of Mohsen Haji Mirzaei in a joint meeting with the directors general and deputy governors of the provinces, the ministry said in a statement today (Saturday): Serve students, teachers, and families; Therefore, they should do their best to serve the community, and shortcomings should not be an obstacle for them to work.

In the announcement, the Ministry of Education added: “In the context of coronation and school closures, the ministry has planned to create a happy network, providing TV training and educational packages to continue educational activities in the absence of students in schools.” Using the facilities of Shad Network, they can communicate with the most remote areas and be instantly aware of the latest conditions of the complex under their management and plan to upgrade it.

According to the public relations of the Ministry of Education, the announcement continues by emphasizing the efforts of teachers in Corona to continue the education process: In these circumstances, teachers have provided the best services to the country’s education system using the facilities available and witness We have made their sacrifices in various fields to document and introduce the need for these responsible and creative actions, and managers should look at it the same way; Commit to serving the education system and creating opportunities with creativity.

In this announcement, the Ministry of Education stated: The remarks of the Minister of Education in a joint meeting with the general managers and deputy directors of education of the provinces of the country were addressed to the managers who participated in this meeting and emphasized the difficulties and shortcomings in the proper implementation. Their responsibilities and will should not be disrupted and they should use all their capacity to determine the access of all students to quality education.

The Ministry of Education stated in the announcement: “The speeches broadcast in this meeting did not mean in any way the community of teachers of the country who did their best to continue the education process in the context of Corona.” If the hard work, responsibility and creativity of teachers in the very difficult conditions of Corona make the country proud and proud.

The ministry called on senior education directors to look at the sacrifices made by teachers in continuing education in the harsh conditions of the corona and the oppressive sanctions; Create opportunities with creativity.

According to IRNA, yesterday this part of the video of the Minister of Education was released in cyberspace, saying that “the salary received means that we provide this service in full, so anyone who does not agree should not sign the contract and the person who “He signed the contract, which means it has nothing to do with any other factor.”

In another part of his speech in the video, Haji Mirzaei said: “For example, if someone behaves badly or well, they pay our salaries sooner or later, more or less, there is no criterion, because you accepted and you can not accept, someone will accept us. “He did not have to.”

He added: “If we can not rise above this responsibility, we have entered a big game and we have signed an important sheet, willingly or unwillingly.”

Some cyberspace users reacted to the words of the Minister of Education after the release of this video. However, these remarks were addressed to them in a joint meeting with the general managers and deputy directors of education of the provinces of the country.

Haji Mirzaei posted a message on his Twitter account today: “Unfortunately, my conversation with the deputies and general managers to use all their power to serve the wrong people is addressed to teachers and their rights.”

In another part of the message, he added: “The hard work and creativity of teachers in the difficult conditions of Corona makes Iran proud and proud.”

Source IRNA