The words of the wife of the famous Aghazadeh Ghogha Pakard + film

Pardis Abaradini Campus With the publication of this photo, he wrote: “Oh, my disappointed heart, oh, my skirt, Aghazadeh” series, directed by Behrang Tawfiqi, which started airing on the home theater network in the early summer of 1999, became popular from the very beginning.


The main female role of this series is played by a novice actor named Pardis Pourabedini. In this series, she plays the role of two characters, namely Razia, who is a religious girl and is married to Hamed, and her other role, Manley, who is an ambitious girl who plays the role of Nima Bahri, played by Amir Aghaei.

Pardispour Abedini was born in 2000 and is now 20 years old. He started acting through theater and has a university degree in art.

Biography of Pourabedini Campus

Name: Campus

Last name: Pourabedini

Date of birth: 1379/01/22

Place of birth: Tehran

Start of artistic activity: 1398

Pardis Pourabedini is the actor playing the role of Razieh (Manley) in the series Aghazadeh, born on April 13, 2000 in Tehran. No information is available about Ms. Pourabedini’s personal life, but it seems that her father is Mr. Babak Pourabedini And as soon as more information is published, this section of the PendarMovie portal will be updated.


Commencement of artistic activity of Pourabedini Campus

Pardis Pour-Abedini, a 20-year-old actor from our country, started his career by attending the classes of Masoud Kimiaei and with the theater, and his last play was the story of Friday noon, directed by Nasim Adabi.

Pouradis Pourabedini was able to achieve great fame and popularity for the first time by playing Aghazadeh in the series (home show) as Razieh or Manley. Aghah Zadeh series “Aghah zadeh series” is a series directed by Behrang Tofighi and produced by Hamed Angha. This series is in the social and political genre and is written by Hamed Angha. Aghazadeh series is the name of the latest home theater series produced in 1398. This series is Is to be broadcast on the home theater network in the spring of 1399. The designer of the Iranian serial Aghazadeh (Hamed Angha) was the author of the first home drama series entitled (Icy Heart).


Synopsis :

The story of Aghazadeh series is the story of a person named Hamed (Sina Mehrad) whose job is to be a judge who deals with economic corruption and the subject of Aghazadehs’ treatment. The main narrative of the series is about modesty and all its tortuous stories are in praise of existence. The shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has been built پور Pourabedini Campus is not married yet and is single.