The year 1400 will be the continuation of the success of Asian insurance

Masoud Badin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Asia Insurance, in the last meeting of the Asian Insurance Managers Council in 1399, congratulated Eid al-Fitr and the new year, described 1399 as a difficult year with good arrangements in Asia Insurance, good opportunities to provide Decent insurance services were created for the people.

Referring to the brilliant performance of Asia Insurance and the realization of technical forecasts in the company in 1399, the CEO of Asia Insurance said: “Currently, the payment of damages in Asia Insurance is up to date, which ultimately creates problems for injured people and losses.” Dide prevents and satisfies customers.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that good and prudent steps were taken in 1399, despite the country’s economic situation and the spread of Corona virus, opening new branches, increasing the portfolio, modifying the portfolio composition, controlling the issuance and payment of damages in third party insurance, attracting insurance policies The good ones in body insurance mentioned the reduction of the share of health insurance in the company’s portfolio and the reduction of the loss ratio.

He continued to pay 90 billion tomans to the Ministry of Health, donating ten thousand isolated clothes to hospitals, paying on account to the hospitals of the contracting party, increasing the capital by 949 percent, obtaining a license to accept domestic reliance as other successes of Asia Insurance in 1399. .

The CEO of Asia Insurance, emphasizing the continuation of the sale of micro-insurance at the macro level, as well as the sale of life insurance in 1400, said: “We must design new insurance policies with common thinking and redoubled efforts that are easily available to the people.” And by modifying the portfolio composition and strengthening the insurance disciplines, we will highlight the presence of Asian insurance in the country’s insurance market.

The Vice President of Asia Insurance also said that mutual respect between the sales network, staff and insurers is a priority of Asia Insurance, which will have a great impact on the growing trend of Asia Insurance activities.

In the end, referring to the selection of the manager, supervisor, head of the province and the top employee in 1400, the CEO of Asia Insurance considered it an important step in increasing the motivation to provide decent insurance services to insurers.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting of the Asian Insurance Managers Council, which was held online, was attended by members of the Board of Directors, Deputy CEOs, managers and supervisors of the ten regions of the country.

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