The release of images of the map, which separated the Sahara region from Morocco, angered Moroccan social media users, some of whom reminded Netanyahu that the agreement to resume relations between the two sides would guarantee recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara. Was given.

Morocco’s independent website Hespers reported that some Israeli officials had contacted the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apologize for the plan.

“The cut map seen in Netanyahu’s video is very old and there was no new map at the time that did not have a line between Morocco and its desert,” the website quoted Hassan Kaiba, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, as saying.

The Israeli official added: “The Moroccan flag seen in the video next to Netanyahu indicates a deep friendship between Tel Aviv and Rabat.”

A joint statement signed by Israel, the United States and Morocco on December 22 included US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara and its support for Rabat’s proposal for regional autonomy as the only way to a just and lasting solution to the conflict. It was over this area.

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