There is a very positive interaction between the Ministry of Silence and the Commodity Exchange

Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi in this meeting, referring to tomorrow’s meeting with the steelmakers, said: “Tomorrow, in the meeting with the steel managers, we will discuss the formation of the steel chain headquarters.” I believe in collective wisdom, and the regulation of the mining and mineral industries should be done with the effective presence of private sector organizations such as the Steel Association, the Cement Association, the Lead and Zinc Association, and so on. It is in the interest of the country and the people to take advantage of collective wisdom and the opinions of economic activists and experts.

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, stating that steel issues require precise expertise, added: “In the steel method, the issue of steel ingots and sheets is seen as the same, which is basically incorrect because today there is a surplus of ingots But in the sheet sector, for example, sheets with a thickness of less than half a millimeter are in short supply and need to be imported. Therefore, in the discussion of ingots, considering the surplus of production, we have no choice but to export, and therefore the method must be developed and approved with the real conditions.

Saad Mohammadi re-emphasized the existence of a surplus in the steel ingot sector and continued: “Considering the demand and consumption of the domestic market in the long sections of steel section, the export of steel ingots is necessary and we should not lose our foreign market easily.” Ingot production is in excess of domestic demand and restricting exports due to a lack of domestic demand leads to reduced production.

In another part of his speech, the Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Silence stated: The program of steel chain units in terms of supply of pellets and concentrate and distribution of steel ingots for the year 1400 has been determined and communicated to them. In this regard, the task of all units for domestic production, export and market regulation has been determined, based on which the units can make the necessary plans, and if the units were associated with issues and problems, they will share them with the Ministry of Silence, and we We will correct the program.