“There is no village secret in the world” was published

The collection of stories “There is no village secret in the world” written by Sanaz Seyed Esfahani has recently entered the book market.

According to ISNA, this collection of stories in 74 pages with a price of 30,000 Tomans has been published by Afraz Publishing.

The introduction to the series states: The characters in the four stories in “There is no Village Secret in the World” all live in a Bedouin mental space that is the product of the author’s mind. These four stories are a kind of realization of the identity of the fictional characters and their attempt to discover the secret.

In the first story of the book “The meaning and mystery of the red cotton woman of the top ten”, Murad, a newly grown boy, notices a lie. To find out the reason for this lie, he is forced to listen to the advice of the Zurkhaneh guide and go to the Deh caravanserai. Syrup is the name of a woman who has imprisoned herself in this caravanserai. The answer to all the questions is syrup. The story of “The Flower Dowry on Demand” is a story told in the language of Pergol, who is imprisoned in a paper train wearing a wedding dress. The story of “Bahman Khan and his repentance” also narrates the knife attached to its owner. In “Narkhatoon” we are also faced with a story that was one of non-existence. In the first two long stories we experience human love and in the next two stories we experience another kind of love.

Previously, the books “The name of this book is not Detol”, “Gandhi Street”, “Kish Mat”, “Imagination and Forgive me” have been published by Sanaz Seyed Esfahani. He was born in 1981 in Tehran and graduated in drama from Soura University.

In a part of the book “There is no secret village in the world” we read: I had heard from the villagers that the syrup has been in his father’s caravanserai for ten years and he does not think of going out. The caravanserai had been abandoned for ten years and no one approached it. Everyone was afraid of syrup, and the name that came to their mouths, everyone said, “Repent, repent, bite your tongue, don’t put your name in your mouth …” Ate but bit his tongue at the same time? Why was the syrup in the caravanserai? Why was the caravanserai locked? Why were we told not to play near there? What did the syrup do?

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