These people will be given equity loans + details

In the days when sales Justice shares In the locked stock market, a new plan is to be implemented for those who have chosen indirect liberalization. From next Monday, banks will pay 50% of the day value of equity shares for loans at 18% interest rate and a three-year repayment period. But who gets the loan?

According to a previous announcement by the deputy director of the Central Depository Company, 30 million justice stockholders who have chosen the indirect method of managing their shares can receive micro-loans or purchase goods from state-owned banks from the beginning of next month.

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Alireza Mahyar stated that five state and semi-state banks, such as Bank Melli, Post Bank, Mellat, Saderat and Tejarat, have announced their readiness to provide credit cards to the beneficiaries of justice shares. Justice stock credit cards are working.

The deputy director of the Central Depository Company explained the mechanism of payment of micro-loans by banks to credit card holders of Adalat shares with an 18% interest rate, but without a guarantor, and said: Has no guarantor.

What is the value of this loan?

According to the value of 13 million justice shares of 500,000 Tomans, the holders of these justice stock certificates can receive loans up to 6.5 million Tomans. This amount reaches about 13 million Tomans for the holders of one million Tomans justice shares.