These wrong behaviors make you fat


You eat too much fruit

It is true that eating fresh fruits and vegetables can be good for your body, but eating too many sugary and high-calorie fruits can lead to dangerously high blood sugar and eventually weight gain. Try to set a strict schedule for your fruits and vegetables.


You eat starchy legumes and vegetables

Starch has more calories than many foods and can sometimes easily be considered a dangerous overeating. Even healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grain breads and potatoes contain starch and should be limited to this type of food.


You eat too many nuts

It is true that eating nuts, especially raw or low-salt nuts, is a good way to lose weight, but if you increase your body fat supply through nuts, you will face the problem of being overweight, and this is not something that you are on a diet. You strictly expected it.


You eat again after dinner

If you follow a balanced diet, including breakfast, lunch and a healthy dinner, it is best to try to limit your snacks and not go back to the fridge after dinner. This is one of the worst behaviors you can do with your health.


You eat processed foods

There are some foods that are naturally unhealthy in terms of fat and calories. Foods such as chips, puffs and sweets and various cakes can lead to unwanted weight gain.