Thethosa drop 11% after reopening

According to Eqtesadonline, “Tetosa” is in the group of mass production, real estate and its transactions are done in the yellow OTC market.

Ardabil Development and Civil Engineering Investment Company ended its current day transactions with a drop of 11% at a price of 4,600 Tomans. Thetosa fell 11 percent after reopening.

6,200 trades in a volume of 11 million shares were traded in “Thetosa” today. (The average monthly trading volume of Ardabil Development and Investment Investment Company is 99,000 shares)

Individuals bought 11 million shares (95%) and sold 11 million shares (95%). Legal entities, on the other hand, bought 511,000 shares (4%) and sold 500,000 shares (4%).

“Thetosa” completed its transactions today by forming a sales queue in a volume of 43,000 shares and a price of 4,600 Tomans.