This herb stops hair loss

One of the best ways to prevent falls HairYour consumption of this vegetable is shedding Hair It is normal when combing or combing, but sometimes its severity is a cause for concern. Onions have healing properties that fall off. Hair It counteracts and effectively promotes hair growth. Onions are rich in sulfur, which increases blood circulation. Its antibacterial properties eliminate skin inflammation. Onion juice strengthens the hair, opens the blocked pores of the hair follicle and prevents scalp infection.

Use raw onion juice:

The best way to get the sulfur in onions is to use raw onion juice. Apply onion juice on the scalp for half an hour and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If you repeat this, 3 times a week, you will see the result within a month or two.

Onion and honey mixture:

Mix a quarter of onion juice with a little honey and apply daily on the scalp and after half an hour, wash your hair with shampoo.

Source: Cute Iran