This Persepolis is admirable / The performance of the Iranian representative in the final was dignified

Amir Hajor Rezaei, our country’s football expert, in an interview with a reporter of the sports group of the Borna News Agency, referring to the presence of Persepolis in the final and the defeat of this team against Ulsan Hyundai, stated: This Persepolis deserves praise and admiration, and this team, which was able to be a good representative of Iranian football in Asia, should be appreciated.

The football expert said about this game: The defeat of Persepolis in the final can be discussed in two ways. One is the discussion of the events of the match and football, the other is the discussion of the football conditions in Iran.

Haj Rezaei continued: Many things happened in this team before participating in the final. The story of Al-Kathir and the deprivation of Vahid Amiri and Ehsan Pahlavan put the team in a special situation in terms of nuts, while other problems caused Persepolis to lose nuts like Shoja Khalilzadeh and in general had a lot of losses for the final. Now I will explain at the end of my talk. If a player like Shoja Khalilzadeh was present in this match, the error rate that led to 2 penalties to the detriment of Persepolis would go down because he had more experience. Of course, I emphasize that I do not intend to destroy or offend a player because football is a game of mistakes and in football, the team with the least mistakes wins, just as Persepolis was fined with 2 penalties for more mistakes in this match and finally gave up the game. کرد. In this match, Ulsan’s defenders also made a mistake and Persepolis’ goal was scored on their mistake, but their mistake was less than Persepolis and that is why they won.

The former national team coach added: I believe that Persepolis should be appreciated and the players, staff and all members of this team should be admired, because this team, despite all the problems in our lives and football, was able to reach the final and present a dignified performance in the final. And I sincerely wanted Persepolis to win this match because the championship of this team could not only have good financial consequences for us, but also be effective in creating joy and happiness for our people. While economic pressure and coronation have created many problems for our people these days, it could have brought happiness to the people, albeit for a short time, but in the end this did not happen and Persepolis, despite its merit, could not become a champion.

He emphasized: With all the problems that the Saudis tried to reach the final anyway, or with what facilities and what other teams other teams entered the competition but could not reach the final, but Persepolis went to the field with all the problems for Iran and showed Well, he only lost on football mistakes in the final and could not win a valuable trophy for Iran.

Haj Rezaei said in the end: Persepolis fans must respect the players. These players played with all their might with all their might. They worked very hard and tried, which is commendable. Everyone should be grateful to the players and the technical staff. 3/5