This year, the stock market returned 176%

From the beginning of this year to the end of last week, the stock index has returned 176% to its investors in 180 trading days, recording more than 90,000 growth units.

According to the economic observation and quoted by Tasnim, the stock exchange index from the beginning of this year to the end of last week in 180 trading days, with a growth of more than 90,000 units, has given a return of 176% to its investors.

During the trading of the stock exchange this year and until the end of last week for 180 trading days, 1,745 billion and 342 billion shares and pre-emptive rights worth 21,108,646 billion rials were traded 290,959,529 times on the stock exchange. Is.

Also, the study of stock market and stock market transactions by market shows that during this period 918 billion and 457 million shares worth 10317 thousand and 330 billion rials in 107 million and 53 thousand and 591 times in the first market, 766 billion and 63 million shares worth 9350 thousand and 602 billion rials in 766 million and 63 thousand times In the second market, 107 million securities worth 105 thousand and 344 billion rials in 16 thousand and 264 times in the debt market, 754 million contracts worth 17 thousand and 423 billion rials in 754 million times in the derivative market and 59 billion and 962 million units of investment funds traded on the Tehran Stock Exchange worth 1317 thousand And 947 billion rials have been traded in 12 million 177 thousand 496 times.

The total index, which has started trading on the stock exchange this year from a height of 512,900 units, has recorded an increase of 176% by the end of last week with a growth of 900,460 units.

The first market index increased by 677,175 units during this period and the second market index increased by 187 and 2508 percent, respectively, with a growth of 2,728,815 units.