Three discounts in Azar in favor of the rich

According to Eghtesadnews, the annual inflation rate for households in the country reached 4.1 percent in December, which shows an increase of 1.8 percentage points compared to the previous month, but the most important point of the report can be rate Inflation monthly According to the Statistics Center for known groups. The group has benefited the most in areas where inflation has been declining. In the first area directly, the inflation rate of the tenth decile was negative 0.2 percent. Durable goods have also experienced negative growth. The main customer of this type of goods is the deciles and finally the transportation has become cheaper in Azar. The coefficient of importance of this section for affluent deciles is much higher than low deciles. Thus, it can be said that the pressure of inflation on higher income groups has decreased, which seems to have been influenced by the adjustment of exchange rate fluctuations in the market. On the other hand The inflation rate Other deciles show that the highest inflationary pressure was on low incomes in December. That is, the benefits of adjusting for exchange rate fluctuations have not yet reached the income deciles.

Azar inflation records

The growth of the price index in December compared to the previous month is called the monthly inflation of prices in the country. This variable was estimated at 2% for the country’s households in December, which is the lowest monthly inflation record in the first 9 months of this year. Meanwhile, in the food and beverage sector, this variable was recorded at 5 percent, and in the non-food sector, it was recorded at 0.5 percent this month.

Another indicator that is considered in the reports of the Statistics Center is the comparison of the 24-month period of the consumer price index, which is called average or annual inflation. This variable is calculated at 30.5 percent in December, which is the second record in 99 so far. April with a record 32.5% Average inflation It was in the months of ’99.

Most growth in inflation groups

A study of the price index of consumer goods and services in the main sectors and some groups and categories of goods in December shows that the highest monthly inflation was recorded in the food and beverage sector. The weight of this group in the total price index last month is estimated at 26.64%, which is one of the highest weights calculated in the inflation groups of the country.

In this group, “milk, cheese and eggs”, “oils and fats”, “fruits and nuts” have recorded a growth of more than 10% compared to November, which was the highest monthly inflation among the inflation groups in the country last month. Is.

Meanwhile, the lowest monthly price growth in Azar belonged to the transportation sector. According to the Statistics Center, monthly inflation in this sector was negative 3.6 percent, which is the lowest monthly growth in the country this month.

Inflation Azar

In another division in the Statistics Center’s report on inflation, the monthly and annual growth of commodity prices in the durable and non-durable goods sectors is also presented. Accordingly, non-durable goods are consumer goods that usually have one or more uses. Food and consumer goods fall into this category. Durable goods are those consumer goods that are usually used for a relatively longer period of time. Such goods usually have a longer life. Goods such as refrigerators, cars, and furniture are considered durable goods.

In this regard, the share of durable goods from inflation was 5.46 percent and the price index of these goods has decreased by negative 4.5 percent compared to the previous month. In contrast, the share of non-durable goods, however, had a share equal to 40.33% and the growth of this variable compared to November was 4.4%.

Comparison of the above statistics in Azar shows that the share of the food sector in Azar inflation has been much higher than other shares. This has made the pressure on the lower deciles of society more tangible than the upper classes.

Decimal inflation in Azar

In the monthly inflation of the income deciles of the country, it is observed that the monthly inflation of the non-food sector and services from the lower to the upper deciles of the society has gradually decreased until the growth of this index has been recorded for the tenth negative decile of 1.5 percent. This trend has been changing for the food sector between 4.5 and 5.2 percent in the deciles of the society. In the lower deciles of the society, this figure was recorded at 4.9 percent and in the tenth decile, 5.2 percent.

In general, the inflation statistics of the deciles show that the monthly inflation is more than 3% in the low-income part of the society and negative 0.2% in the richest part of the society.

The most important factor that can justify this decrease in inflation in the rich sector of society and inflationary pressure in low incomes refers to the sudden fall in the price of the dollar. This action, which has a direct impact on durable goods and the consumer basket of high-income sectors, has caused the effect of price increases in low-income sectors to be more noticeable than the upper deciles of society.

Inflation Azar