Three Esteghlal machine points in Tabriz

The meeting between the machine-building and Esteghlal teams ended in favor of the Tehran Blues.

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, the match between the machine-building and Esteghlal teams was held at 4 pm in Bonyan Diesel Stadium in Tabriz, which ended with 2 goals in favor of Majidi’s students.

The Blues scored 33 points with this result, but still remained in third place in the table. Machine building still remained 19 points.

Referee: Ashkan Khorshidi

Assistance: Alireza Ilderm and Mohammad Shakir

Yellow card: Mohammad Naderi, Sina Khadempour, Farhad Majidi (Esteghlal head coach), Habib Gardani Machine Building

Red card:-

Goals: Mohammad Naderi (19), Arsalan Motahhari (42) for Esteghlal

Machine composition: Mohammad Amin Rezaei, Vahid Nemati, Mehdi Rostami, Sirous Sadeghian, Iman Basfa, Bahman Salari, Mohammad Amin Asadi, Mansour Bagheri (78 Amir Mohammad Abazadeh) Saeed Hosseinpour, Habib Gardani, Seyed Mohammad Abutorabi (40 Reza Azari)

Head coach: Saeed Akhbari

Esteghlal squad: Rashid Mazaheri, Mohammad Hossein Moradmand, Siavash Yazdani, Mohammad Naderi, Voria Ghafouri, Masoud Rigi (86 Dariush Shojaein), Arash Rezavand (54 Ahmad Mousavi), Farshid Ismaili (86 Sina Khadempour), Babak Moradi (55 Mehdi Mehdi Pour), Mehdi Ghaedi (76 Matin Karimzadeh) and Arsalan Motahhari

Head coach: Farhad Majidi

13 minutes

Babak Moradi was sent to the gate of Mashayin Sazi after passing through several Esteghlal players.

15 minutes

Mazaheri repulsed the dangerous sending of the battalion on Esteghlal Gate.

17 minutes

Hosseinpour’s dangerous move and his passing through several Esteghlal players with a dangerous blow to Salari with a small difference went to August.

19 minutes

Sending Voria Ghafouri on the gate of Mashayin Sazi with the blow of Mohammad Naderi’s shoulder became the first goal of Esteghlal.

29 minutes

A very good opportunity was created for Ghaedi, but the timely departure of Mohammad Amin Rezaei did not allow the striker to endanger the independence of the machine-building gate.

39 minutes

Rashid Mazaheri kicked Habib Gardani’s hard shot and corner.

42 minutes

Extraordinary counterattack by Esteghlal and Pas players in front of Ghaedi to Motahhari was converted into a goal by the Blues striker with an armpit.

44 minutes

The dangerous move of the machine-building players and the overthrow of Hosseinpour were accompanied by the non-announcement of a penalty and the order to continue the game, but then Mazaheri also saved Nemati’s shot.

47 minutes

Babak Moradi’s shot went out of the gate of the machine building.

58 minutes

Najafi’s long-range shot from the top of Esteghlal Gate went to August.

62 minutes

Mousavi’s good pass on the goal of the machine-building was accompanied by the incomplete repulse of the machine-building defenders, but the opportunity for the Blues was lost.

78 minutes

Motahhari’s good move and strong shot were saved by the goalkeeper of the machine-building team in two shots.