Three million American students do not have access to the Internet

“With or without Corona, Joe Biden and I are committed to expanding access to every American,” Harris said.

With the transition of power in the United States from Republicans to Democrats approaching, a difficult issue has preoccupied the president-elect; Joe Biden, who promised in his campaign that confronting Corona would be one of his priorities, now admits he has a difficult task ahead of him.

Biden tweeted last week: “My first 100 days in the White House will not end Covid-19, but we can slow it down, save lives and get back to life with our loved ones.”

The president-elect further stated in another tweet: It is necessary for the Congress to act now on the support package related to Covid-19. The American people can not wait.

Biden’s tweets came after he recently announced the use of masks, vaccinations for US troops and the reopening of most schools as part of his 100-day plan to fight Corona.

Biden emphasized that everyone should wear a mask during these 100 days; All US troops will be vaccinated, and most US schools will reopen within the first 100 days of his administration if Congress takes action.

The corona (Pfizer) vaccine has been available in US hospitals since Monday last week. Of course, the use of this vaccine has already started in the UK, and the occurrence of some severe allergies caused by the use of this vaccine on some people has caused concern.