Three people died in a truck collision with a Peugeot

The head of the North Road Police of Fars Province announced the severe collision of a truck and a Peugeot 405 with each other and said: 3 people lost their lives in this traffic accident.

According to ILNA, Colonel “Abdolhashem Dehghani” stated: Following the announcement of the 110 Police Emergency Center about a fatal accident on the Kazerun-Shiraz axis, road police officers were immediately dispatched to the scene.

He added: “In the investigations carried out, it was found that a truck with a 405 car collided with 3 passengers, as a result of which all 3 people lost their lives due to the severity of their injuries.”

The head of the North Road Police in Fars Province stated: “Experts have determined that the cause of this accident was the driver of a Peugeot who did not respect the right of way.”