Tigo 5 car managers, with a beating turbo heart

According to Eqtesadonline; The interior of the Tigo 5 Turbo uses new technology, the famous 1.5-liter turbo engine, which is the product of the Austrian company AVL, and its turbo system is designed by the famous company Honeywall. But what completes the power of movement is the new generation 9-speed CVT gearbox, which has shown its efficiency well and has been selected as one of the top gearboxes in China, which is a great advantage.

In terms of options, the turbo model will have the same options as before, suitable safety options such as side airbags, ESP, TCS, HHC ….. as well as a 10-inch touch screen monitor, keyless entry and turn system, heated front seats, Electric driver’s seat, electric sunroof, electric mirrors, dynamic camera, etc., along with the electric steering option that has been added to this model and is an important option for comfort and safety, make this car for Iranian families who They are also looking for the spaciousness and power of a car along with driving pleasure, making it an ideal option that can be replaced with some second-hand foreign cars such as 4-cylinder Santa Fe models from 2010 to 2013 or Tucson and Sportage models from 2011 to 2015. According to the 5-year or 150,000 km warranty, along with 2 years or 6 free services, it can become a logical option compared to second-hand imported competitors according to their taste and choice.