Time and time of broadcasting Paytakht TV series on Nowruz

The final two episodes of “Capital 6” will be broadcast tonight and tomorrow night on Channel One.

The production of the TV series “Capital 6”, which was broadcast on Nowruz 99, was half-finished due to the spread of Corona in the country; But at the same time, the agents of this complex promised to build its final parts if the corona conditions improved.

Now this has been done and the final two episodes of the TV series “Capital 6” are scheduled to be broadcast tonight and tomorrow night (March 20 and 19) at 19:15 on Channel One.

As announced, the story of the last two episodes of “Capital 6” has a humorous look at some issues of the country and the margins of Corona, and in fact completes the process of the story of the previous 15 episodes. The previous episodes of “Capital 6”, in summary and in the form of 7 episodes, were aired on Channel One from March 12 at 7:30 PM.