Time and time of showing the movies of Nurses’ Sacrifice on the network

Screening Network, this network in its weekly selected genre of themed films and stories Nursing In the review section, films by John Travolta will also be aired. This network will broadcast films such as “City of Mice” on Sunday, December 20, on the last night of the autumn season, and on Yalda night from 1 to 1 in the morning. , Will broadcast “Sheida” at 7 pm, “Starting Point” at 9 pm, “Courtship” at 11 pm and “Painful Love” at 1 am. “Zero Time”, “Poet’s Child”, “Letter to the Publisher”, “Drawing”, “Puzzle” and “Ayalvar” are broadcast at 1:00 PM, respectively.

In the selected genre, this network broadcasts films from Iranian cinema with topics related to nurses, which from Saturday, December 20 to Friday, January 26 at 7 pm with the titles: “Land of the Sun”, “Nurse”, “Survivors”, ” “Days of Life”, “Today” and “Gold and Copper” will be aired. This week’s Scenes section of the show network is dedicated to reviewing the works and films of John Travolta, the Oscar-winning actor and Golden Globe. Broadcast at 9pm, “Hostage-taking in Pelham”, “Starting Point”, “Life on the Line”, “Crazy City”, “Swordfish”, “Gatti” and “Face Change”.

The network’s most interesting 23:00 movies are “Land of the Moon”, “Courtship”, “Killer Code”, “Comedy King”, “Space Station – Salyut 7”, “Amazing Animals and Their Habitat” and “Batman Begins”. This week’s classic films are: The Tobacco Road, Tutu vs. Four People, Troubled Love, Private Detectives, Collusion, Weapons Selection, and Dirty Colonial Hands, which audiences can watch at one o’clock in the morning. , On the occasion of Earthquake Safety Day, will be broadcast on this network next Friday, January 26, at 3:00 PM.

Source: Young Journalists Club