Time to buy makeup in the coin market

Time to buy makeup in the coin market

Coin traders are hoping for world gold

According to reports Economy News on a day when the global market was closed The price of the dollar Was able to support level Prices for coins Support. Yesterday, the coin rose by 200,000 tomans to keep its growth positive at the end of the last month of autumn. But what about the first day of winter in the coin market?

Determining the weight of the bubble in the market

Buyers became more active in the market when the coin bubble went below 5%. This issue caused the coin to be able to return above the support of 11 million and 800 thousand Tomans yesterday. Technical players believe that as long as the coin is above this support level, the chances of the price rising are higher. In addition, some coiners compared to this week’s trend ounce of gold They have expressed optimism and if the world gold goes above the border of $ 1,900, it will not be difficult for the precious domestic metal to easily cross the border of 12 million Tomans.

Mark the bubble to the coin market

On Saturday, the coin bubble went below 500 thousand tomans; This amount of bubble decreased even less at the beginning of Sunday and reached the beginning of the channel of 400 thousand Tomans. It was at this point that purchases intensified; In contrast, when the coin bubble goes above one million tomans, caution in buying coins increases. Given that the coin bubble in the current situation is about 570 thousand tomans, traders are not expected to be cautious.

Winter Bubbles

Serious attention to the foreign exchange market

Coin dealers will pay close attention to the dollar price trend today. The return of the dollar above the range of 25,800 Tomans can cause the coin to return to the channel of 12 million Tomans without the help of an ounce of gold. Meanwhile, some believe that what caused the coin to rise on Sunday was a slight increase in demand and a drop in traders’ sales on the eve of Yalda night. These groups believe that with the exit of this factor, the coin can return to the downward path. However, no factor seems to matter as much as the dollar trend for the coin today.

Coin prices in linear trading

Coins in cash transactions yesterday rose to near the border of 12 million tomans, but in back-line transactions, the trading process was followed more cautiously. The selling price of coins in tomorrow’s transactions was in the range of 11 million and 900 thousand tomans, which is far from the market price. In the coin market, they have proposed a loss limit of 11 million and 850 thousand tomans for today. In a market where a loss is set, the trader should not rush until he is sure. At best, it should buy fast and sell fast. This is called the Scarlett deal.

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