Time to receive justice stock credit card from banks + details

According to the technical director of Justice Shares, shareholders can receive their Justice Shares credit card by visiting banks across the country within a month at the latest.

After release Justice shares The issue of issuing credit cards to shareholders was raised. Initially, shareholders were supposed to receive up to 50 to 60 percent of the value of their equity shares from the bank credit card Receive purchases, go to shopping malls and spend its balance on credit. A promise that has not been fulfilled for some time.

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Mahmoud Hassanlou, technical director of Adalat shares, told Tejaratnews in a live Instagram interview: “We have been interacting with banks for some time to issue credit cards so that we can authenticate the electronic service.” take stock Provide justice to shareholders.

According to him, this service will be provided to banks soon and will be implemented, with the possibility of authentication within a maximum of one month. Electronic It is provided to all banks across the country and they start issuing credit cards.

Source : Business news