Today’s Margins of the 9/99 Stock Exchange / Corona Vaccine Injection, Green the Drug Group

According to Tejarat News, at the end of today’s trading in the stock market, the total stock index fell 1.75 percent and retreated to the channel of 1.410 million units to continue the stock market volatility trend in the range of 1.4 to 1.5 million units. Today, however, the overall homogeneity index fell by about 0.8 percent.

In today’s transactions, more than 13 thousand billion Tomans were traded, and the share of the three symbols of Kama, Barakat and Shepna was more than other symbols. Also, two groups of metal ores and pharmaceutical materials had the highest value of transactions.

Today’s stock market trading was affected by two important news. The first news was the announcement of the Minister of Economy about the supply of Dara II by the end of the year, which led to a downward trend in the transactions of refineries and banks. So that the refining symbols that ended their work with the shopping queue yesterday were sold today.

The second news was the injection of the Iranian corona vaccine produced by Barakat Pharmaceutical Company, which led to the movement of this symbol from the sales queue to the purchase queue, and consequently other symbols of the pharmaceutical group moved to the positive range.

At the end of today’s OTC trading, the value of trades was about 7 thousand billion tomans and the index of this market fell by more than 0.5 percent.

See the most important events of the stock market in this video: