Today’s stock market / shadow of fear returned to shareholder trading

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EconomyOnlineHannah is clean; At the end of today’s trading, the total stock index fell by 25,168 units (1.7 percent) to a height of 1,412,000 units and also the total homogeneous index decreased by 0.7 percent.

The last price of 187 symbols increased by at least 3% compared to the previous day’s price and 242 symbols were accompanied by a decrease of more than 3%.

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The realities took out about 500 billion tomans of liquidity from the market today. The symbols of “Kama”, “Shasta”, “Shepna”, “Barakat”, “Khodro”, “Kachad” and “Khasapa” in the group of stock exchange transactions and the symbols of “Vespehr”, “Bipvand”, “Gokoshar”, “Chakhzar”, “Zemlard”, “Begilan” and “Zob” were in the OTC group.

The total value of stock exchange and OTC transactions reached a total of 17 thousand and 620 billion tomans.

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