Today’s stock trading; Negative, slightly positive, with equilibrium / continuation of divergent movement of total index and homogeneous index

According to Baaqtesad, the total index of the stock exchange reached 1,446,000 units today, Monday, December 22nd, with a decrease of 1,700 units, equivalent to a decrease of 2.7 percent. The total equilibrium index, however, was accompanied by a growth of 7.5 percent and the total value of stock market transactions was more than 15.5 billion tomans.

5000 index units fall after pre-opening time

Market opening time was recorded on the first winter day of 99 stock exchanges with increasing demand in smaller shares, but the market leaders recorded negative trading volume so that the total index fell more than 5,000 units in the first trading hour. Due to the increase in demand for smaller symbols, the homogeneous index moved in the opposite direction of the total index and was positive. The symbols of Bouali, Qarn, Feros and Barakat in Tehran Stock Exchange and Semga, Vakbehman, Koghar, Kowsar and Chakhzar from OTC, were among the most demanded in today’s market in the pre-opening stage.

Sales pressure in large symbols to lead the car

Today’s trading session, which was accompanied by an increase in sales pressure on major symbols such as cars, refineries and banks, turned positive in a short period of time and increased with the demand, especially for refineries.

Relatively positive atmosphere in basic metals

Subsequently, the base metals group was also affected by the relatively positive atmosphere of the market, and most of the major symbols of this group were separated from the sales queue. The positive vanguard of the metals was a symbol of steel, family, and pride.

Fakhouz started positive and psychological trades at the price of 1718 Tomans and the trading volume of 53 million shares, and Fabahner was traded near the buying queue with a positive of 5% and at the daily price ceiling of 5715 Tomans.

Famli, another symbol of metals, also reached a positive range and moved 44 million shares at a price of 1600 Tomans.

Shasta is the biggest negative maker of Tehran Stock Exchange today

Shasta, however, acted against the big ones today and at the bottom of the price channel of 2410 Tomans, it dropped by more than 3% to be the biggest negative maker of the total index today with a trading volume of 64 and a transfer of 135 million shares. Shasta also put 25 billion tomans of shares in the sales queue!

Rampana and Fars shone brightly

From the power plant industry group, Rampna today stood in the position of the second most positive symbol of the Tehran Stock Exchange and formed a buying queue of 10 billion Tomans at the daily price ceiling of 2042 Tomans.

Fars also reached 1351 Tomans with a 2% increase and reached 15 million transactions.

Refinery fuels to heat up today’s trades

After spending a few negative days, the refining group started trading hot on the first day of January. Shebander with a positive 4% and a price of 2946 Tomans, its trading volume reached 19 million shares and Camels at a price of 1218 Tomans, with a 3% increase, transferred 19 million shares.

Shatran, another refining symbol of Tehran Stock Exchange, also witnessed more than 3% price growth and moved 19 million shares in 1218 Tomans. Shepna also increased by one percent, reached the price of 1492 Tomans and traded 109 million shares.

From the same group, Shabriz registered the demand for purchase in the price channel of 3220 Tomans and transferred 8 million shares. Shabran and Shepas were the only negative symbols of the refineries, which saw a 2% drop in prices.

Vehicles are involved in the supply of products in the commodity exchange

The group of automobiles that faced the increase in demand on the buying side yesterday due to the news of the possibility of offering their products on the commodity exchange, reacted today to the news that the supply of their products on the stock exchange was eliminated and traded in a negative range. The car symbol reached 335 Tomans with a 4% drop and moved 584 million shares.

Khosapa, which witnessed the transfer of more than 673 million shares at a price of 245 Tomans, put 47 million shares in the sales queue. Khogstar also agreed to a daily price of 414 Tomans and transferred a large volume of his shares by forming a queue of 59 million Tomans. Khapars also experienced a 4% decline and moved 65 million shares at a price of 738 Tomans.

Record an increase in demand for drugs

In the smaller symbols, which were facing an increase in demand on the buying side today, the drugs had more buyers, and all the symbols of this group were displayed on a green board and accompanied by an increase in price. Some drug symbols that were not in the buying queue also saw a price increase of more than 3%.

Final view of Tehran Stock Exchange transactions, on Monday, January 22, 2010

Thus, the first winter day of trading markets in 1999 was followed by a decrease of 2700 units of the total index and an increase of 4580 units of the homogeneous total index. The real shareholders invested about 12 billion Tomans of liquidity in the stock exchange today to compensate for the outflow of the same amount of liquidity from yesterday. The net change of ownership from real to legal entities was recorded today at 147 billion Tomans and the value of small transactions was recorded at 9,884 billion Tomans.

Stock market cash market:

Total stock index: 1,436,415.17 (2708.43 -)

Total homogeneity index: 452.419.10 (4580.49 increase)

Value of transactions: 10,710 billion Tomans

Trading volume: 0.9 billion shares

Three symbols with the most negative effects: Shasta, car and steel

OTC cash market:

Total Index: 19,944.87 (255.94 increase)

Value of transactions: 5,555 billion tomans

Trading volume: 2.9 billion shares

The three symbols with the most positive effects: Maroon, Bepas and Midco

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