Tomorrow, 4 other volunteers will be given the corona vaccine

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Payam Tabarsi, a member of the Corona vaccine research team, said: “Tomorrow, safety tests will be taken and evaluations will be made, and a committee has been appointed by the Ministry of Health to review the safety of the vaccine.” Today, the next 4 people who received the vaccine were licensed to receive the vaccine, and one person received the vaccine today, and the other 4 people will receive the vaccine tomorrow.

Referring to the return of the first three recipients of the Corona vaccine, he said: “Precautions have been taken to return the three recipients of the vaccine home, and it should be noted that at this stage our goal is for the vaccine to be safe and for unexpected side effects.” Vaccine recipients do not occur and کننده vaccine recipients are checked by teleconference every day for a few days at home and receive the next round next week.

Tabarsi said: “The Ministry of Health monitors the vaccine injection process and there was a slight delay in issuing the second group license, so one person received the vaccine today and the next 4 people will receive the vaccine tomorrow, and the safety standard in the first phase of the corona vaccine The complication is being investigated, and the Ministry of Health’s oversight committee has issued a permit for the next four people to ensure the safety of the Corona vaccine.

A member of the Corona vaccine research team said about the safety of the Corona vaccine: “What we expected has been achieved so far and fortunately the vaccine did not cause any side effects in the 4 recipients of the vaccine.

He stressed: The research team insists that all stages of the clinical trial be done carefully and if the processes continue as usual until the vaccine is produced in May and June, and Barakat officials have announced the infrastructure to produce 1.5 doses of vaccine per month. But the vaccine must pass the test.

Reacting to some news about the sale of Corona vaccine on the black market, Tabarsi said: “The vaccine is not a pill to be carried inside a bag, and that some claim that the vaccine is sold in Nasser Khosrow, even if it is the original vaccine because the cold transmission chain is observed.” The vaccine can not be effective and we ask people not to fall into the trap of rumors and profiteers selling corona vaccine and the corona vaccine will enter the country in the next one or six months and vaccination will start and the general vaccination will be done in the next few months.