Tomorrow, the government’s approach to the 1400 budget bill will be read

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Mehr, Ali Khezrian, the spokesman of the Article 90 Parliamentary Commission, in describing today’s meeting of the commission, said: “For this meeting, the Governor of the Central Bank was invited to discuss two issues: The bank should discuss the acceptance of the audit organization’s inspection.

He continued: “Part of the Central Bank’s non-objection to the statutory audit of the auditing organization, which is an important factor in creating financial transparency, is related to previous years, and based on this, Hemmati was supposed to hear a response to this case. It should decide that the Governor of the Central Bank did not attend the meeting.

Khezrian stated: Despite the presence of relevant officials and deputies of the Central Bank in this meeting, the decision of the Parliamentary Principles Commission was made that according to Article 2 of the second chapter of the commission and the powers of this commission to refer this case to the judiciary and members strongly complain about Delays in handling such cases, the Governor of the Central Bank will attend the next meeting of the Commission to provide explanations, and this issue was communicated to the officials of the Central Bank present at the meeting.

The spokesman of the Article 90 Parliamentary Commission continued: “Accordingly, another opportunity was given to the Governor of the Central Bank to attend the meeting of this commission to carry out the necessary clarification on this case.”

Referring to the second order of the commission, he said: “Following the receipt of complaints from a large number of candidates to participate in the old education system entrance exam to this commission on the work of the country’s assessment and education council in protest of the council’s recent decision not to hold the old system entrance exam In 1400, this commission, while examining the various dimensions of the issue and inviting the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and the head of the country’s Education Evaluation Organization, despite the vague comments of relevant and unrelated officials, which led to confusion and indecision of the candidates, but since The decision of the Assessment and Education Council of the country regarding the manner of holding the entrance exam was in accordance with the law of the final chapter and the meetings of that council were legal and were held in the presence of members. No violation was found by the Article 90 Commission in this regard.

Khezrian stated: “However, it is necessary to warn the above-mentioned officials about the unjustified entry and announcement of personal opinions in the interviews, which has led to a false expectation in the audience.”

The spokesman of the Article 90 Parliamentary Commission stated: The report of this commission on the government’s work in presenting the budget bill of 1400 whole countries is also scheduled to be read in public tomorrow.