Traffic restrictions do not apply to candidates for the recruitment test

According to Borna; Fatemeh Zarrin Amizi, spokeswoman for the country’s Education Evaluation Organization, said about the way in which candidates attend the recruitment test session, whose city of residence is not the test area, due to the restrictions on coronary traffic in the country: In coordination with the Rahoor Police as well as the Ministry of Interior, the necessary measures have been taken to issue the intercity traffic license of the candidates in order to attend the test city.

A spokesman for the Assessment Organization explained about the Assessment Organization’s arrangements for the presence of cold volunteers: A separate classroom is provided for candidates who have cold conditions or suspicious symptoms.

The Director General of Public Relations of the Assessment Organization, stating that this test will be held on January 11 and 12 with the presence of 565,238 volunteers, continued: All health principles will be performed by executive agents, including masking the distance between each other and the candidates. Physical inspections are performed by hand-held rockets and other intelligent electronic devices. Candidates whose masks are likely to be unusable during the test process will be given a mask.

The Director General of Public Relations of the Assessment Organization said: Applicants for participation in the exam, in order to participate in the exam session, must refer to the above-mentioned information portal on the date specified above and by entering identification information (name, surname, national code, year of birth and. ..) or registration information (file number and tracking code, etc.) of the test participation card to prepare a print copy and based on the address and time specified on the test participation card, refer to the relevant exam area.

He continued: in order to participate in the test session, it is necessary to have a printout of the test participation card as well as the original national card or the original photo ID and present it. If the applicant fails to print the card of participation in the exam due to lack of information about the application number, file or tracking code required, it is necessary to refer to the information portal of this organization and log in to the answering system and choose the name of the exam. And determine the subject of follow-up to receive information about the file number, bid or registration tracking code.

Source: yjc