Transforming Esteghlal into a tea club; Golan is a happy broker

Yesterday’s events at Esteghlal Club once again showed that the Ministry of Sports only bears the name of the supervisor of this club, and in practice, this ministry is just a spectator.
According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, if we pay attention to the interviews of the members of the board of directors of Esteghlal Club in recent months, only one issue is their common key word about problems. They all believe that all the problems of Esteghlal today are due to the past management and the signing of astronomical contracts with the players, which has even opened the door to regulatory bodies for this club.
This issue has been repeatedly mentioned by Ahmad Madadi, and a person who was himself the third and ineffective deputy of Saadatmand management has repeatedly emphasized that the previous management has signed contracts with some players that the club is not able to pay the figures for these contracts. On the other hand, Hojjat Nazari and other members of the board of directors of Esteghlal have repeatedly emphasized that the club has suffered from financial problems due to the night contracts on the 23rd floor of the famous hotel.
Of course, with yesterday’s events at Esteghlal Club, it became clear that these words were nothing more than slogans, and in the meantime, the Ministry of Sports, which has auctioned the international reputation of the country’s football these days due to lack of proper supervision over the federation’s managers, is still alone. He was a spectator of what happened at Esteghlal Club.

A person who during the management of Ahmad Saadatmand in the role of advisor performed all kinds of suspicious activities and was active in the transfer season, now during the management of Ahmad Madadi has played the first role in the movie about the presence of a Padideh player in this team and proudly He says that he was the representative of Esteghlal Club in the negotiations with Amin Ghasemi Nejad.

Is it other than the fact that Mehdi Abdian is in charge of recruiting players in the board of directors of Esteghlal Club? Except that the same board members fired him for his blissful mismanagement, so how can a person who played the role of advisor to the former Esteghlal manager and caused the club a mountain of problems behead him again? Found in this club and proudly states is a representative of Esteghlal?
What is even more strange is that yesterday, the same people who have no evidence of an official transfer license in Iranian football claim in front of reporters that they went to Esteghlal Club to have tea. Is a club with 30 million fans a place to drink tea without a license in the transfer market? What is the role of the Ministry of Sports in such cases? What is the role of the Ministry of Sports and the ethics committee of the federation?
The fact that a person brought to the club due to poor management in Esteghlal Club, a player who is considered by the technical staff, is nothing but the inability of the managers of this club and shows that the managers of this club even observe the basics in negotiating with the player. they do not. Managers who claim to be transparent, clean and democratic, and even reach out to the people to cover up their weaknesses, must now be held accountable for what is happening in this club?
It seems that until the relevant officials in Esteghlal Club do not enter into such issues, the successive changes of coaches and the presence of someone like Farhad Majidi, who happened to be forced to resign from the advice of the same people attached to the previous management, are not only useless, but This downward trend will continue in the future.