Transforming Tehran into a “city for life” in the new century / The need to accelerate the municipality in presenting the Tehran 1400 amendment bill

Referring to the three challenges of Tehran, the chairman of the Tehran City Council said: Tehran in the new century should become a place for all people to live.

According to ISNA, Mohsen Hashemi at the opening ceremony of the Tehran 1400 event, stating that during the management of Afshani as the mayor of Tehran, at the suggestion of Nahid Khodakarami, a resolution on the 1400 event was reviewed and approved by the city council, said: He presented his actions to Tehran in 1400, which was prolonged due to the changes in the municipality.

He said that after a long delay, a one-page bill finally came to the council that was not approved. The members presented their opinions and the bill was supposed to go and be completed and then approved by the council, but we are still waiting for this program to come and be approved, and I must say that Mr. Hanachi has come to respect the members of the Tehran City Council, especially Ms. Khodakarami. Bring this bill to the council, and there is little time for it to be approved by the council, and it is good that the programs that were read today come to the council as a draft so that the members can also express their opinions.

Referring to the historical past of Tehran and the summer nature of this city, Hashemi said: Tehran has not had the experience of sustainable and balanced development and now we can say that it is true that the slogan of Tehran is given to everyone, but as mentioned in Javadi Yeganeh’s speech, this effort Tehran is to be a city to live in, but the important principles of life that have been mentioned have not yet been fully achieved in Tehran. I thought that when this plan comes to the city council, we should work on making Tehran one of the 1400 cities to live in.

The chairman of Tehran City Council, stating that the three main points make Tehran a city to live in, said: “The most important element of the discussion is air and environmental pollution, which caused a crisis in Tehran, and the Environment and Health Commission of Tehran City Council had suitable ideas for it.” And we have to move towards environmental public transport and make Tehran resilient in that all these changes have to be addressed in the 1400 plan.

He added that there is also the issue of earthquakes and floods in resilience and everyone is waiting for an earthquake and this issue must be resolved in some way, he continued: in resilience only 20% of the work to be done in Tehran on building safety, water and We did the emergency gas and so on. In earthquake resilience, there must be a deep work so that we do not see many deaths, and more importantly, resilience in social harms, which we have a problem from all perspectives, and great work must be done to see fewer deaths.

Referring to the need to discuss social resilience and social harm, the head of the Tehran City Council said: “Social resilience is a problem in Tehran from all angles, whether it is drug addicts, working children, etc. It is a big problem and should be addressed in the city’s cultural and social issues.” Tehran worked to make Tehran a city to live in.

He added: “Also, in Tehran, huge mistakes have been made in the field of urban planning, and all the mayors of Tehran, whose number has exceeded 50 during the last hundred years, have made gross mistakes in urban planning, and this has caused Tehran to lack balanced urban planning.” This must be compensated, and we must compensate for all the problems of urbanization, etc., and the members of the urban planning commission must express their views for the new century.

Hashemi, referring to the need for coordination between the council and the municipality for the Tehran 1400 event to bring Tehran to a city for the life of all people, said: “All 21 of us in the city council are at your service to work together to present a respectable and acceptable program.”

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