Transit of the first shipment of Chinese goods to Iraq through the Caspian port complex

Engineer Amin Horizon announced the activation of a new branch of the international corridor “One Belt One” which is transited from China by rail to the port of Aktau in Kazakhstan and by combined transport to the Caspian port and then to the countries of the region. The consignment of 82 TEU walnut containers worth half a million dollars entered the Caspian port from China via the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor and was transited to Iraq through the Anzali Free Zone customs.

A member of the board of directors of the Anzali Free Zone Organization added: “So far, 107 merchant ships have been traveling in the sea route of this corridor and over 9200 TEU containers of goods needed by the country have been imported or Iranian goods have been exported to China through this route.” Referring to the continuation of the transit process of goods in the China-Kazakhstan-Iran corridor (Caspian port) to Iraq, he added: “Considering Iraq’s accession to the TIR Convention, it is expected that goods will be transported through this transit corridor through the Anzali Free Zone to the country.” Syria and the Mediterranean Sea should be developed, and on the other hand, according to the recent ruling of the Court of Administrative Justice, regarding the need to register the order of transit goods from the free zones, we can see the completion of the transit chain through the free zones, especially Anzali free zone. .

Referring to the actions of the organization regarding the connection of the national railway to the Anzali Free Zone and the construction of the Caspian port wharf in 1400, the Deputy Minister of Port and Caspian Basin said: “Considering international developments and the efforts of regional competitors to create alternative international routes from Through the countries of Azerbaijan and Turkey, such as the Trans-Caspian Corridor or the Lapis Lazuli Corridor, which has been activated with the aim of bypassing the Islamic Republic of Iran and diminishing Iran’s geopolitical role in transit of goods between East and West, cooperation of all organizations and departments related to Anzali Free Zone Facilitating transit and completing the logistics and transit infrastructure and our country’s role in activating international transit corridors is very effective.

Referring to the development of Caspian port infrastructure with the investment of the private sector and this organization, the horizontal engineer stated: increasing the variety of goods and raw materials imported through the Caspian Sea along with increasing the volume (volume and weight) of incoming and outgoing goods in free zone ports Anzali has been one of the main approaches of the Anzali Free Zone Organization during this period, a policy based on which it has succeeded in supplying a part of the raw materials of production units and basic goods needed by the country, a process based on the goals set by the organization Transit and trade exchanges of the country in the Caspian Basin.

He stated that the Anzali Free Zone was created with the aim of developing our country’s exchanges with the Caspian and Eurasian countries: the existence of a suitable backyard and high water intake with the possibility of mooring ships with high carrying capacity in this Caspian port, establishing industrial town number two and construction The industrial town of District 3 in Paskaraneh has turned the Caspian port into a third generation port, which has turned the Anzali free zone into Iran’s gateway to Eurasia, next to the historic and important port of Bandanzali, where both ports are located.

According to the Deputy Minister of Ports and Caspian Basin of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, the New Silk Road, also known as the “One Belt-One Road”, is a large project based on which the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe as a transportation model. Combined and interconnected by a set of commercial rail, land and sea networks.

The horizontal engineer stated that the countries of this international corridor, in cooperation with China, are constructing and implementing infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges, construction of railways and ports, and development of communication and telecommunication lines: Iran is one of the shortest land routes by East to Europe and vice versa and is considered as the best access route for Central Asian countries to open waters, and the full implementation of this Chinese government super project can cause dramatic changes in the world trade structure. They have mentioned the title of the project of the century.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Anzali Free Zone Organization