Traveling to which parts of the country causes hair loss?

If a person travels, or changes water, because solid water contains other salts than the water used and the usual, the person, when in contact with Hair And the scalp will feel alienated in these organs, especially if it contains heavy salts, especially harmful ones, hence HairReact more strongly, such as reactions, falls Hair And dandruff can be called. Therefore, as mentioned before, it is better to use safe water if possible.

The waters of different regions of the earth are different from each other. This difference is due to the amount, type and quality of solutes on the waters. In an area and city where a person has lived, or been born and raised for many years, the organism of its existence is in harmony with the nature of its climate, and its scalp and hair are accustomed to the water of the environment. .

If the travel time is short and does not last more than a few days (two to three days), the best way is to take a shower as usual on the day of the trip, then leave for the next bath, immediately after returning. To your previous city or place of residence.

On trips before two days, it is better to use a mobile shower head with a filter instead of a simple shower head, then wash your hair, this shower head can be obtained from a pharmacy, it has a water-purifying property. Be. If you do not have access to this device, by attaching a piece of sponge to the shower, the same action can be done on the water used for washing the head. The above article is more about honest people and its recommendations, whose hair is in Dealing with foreign waters begins to fall sharply, and those who do not have such conditions do not have to make such strictures. As soon as these people wash their heads with soap for the head, according to the rule that will be stated in this book, it is enough to ensure the health of their hair, unless they need to strengthen their hair in a natural way that they can, according to the guidelines contained in the book. Which we have written under the same title, use to control hair loss.

Finally, it should be noted that some people’s hair does not react to hair loss in the face of water changes. In general, these people can be divided into two groups: The first group are those who have genetically healthy and thick hair, always, in addition to observing the principles of hygiene and natural maintenance of hair, also strengthen them in a timely manner.

Source: May Show