Treat dangerous eczemas with this plant

Chicory It is a plant with many blue and purple flowers that grows sparsely in different regions, including Azerbaijan and mountainous areas of Khorasan. Plant nature Chicory It is cold that balances body temperature when hot Chicory In terms of traditional medicine, it has many benefits for the body. To treat many pimples, the liver must be cleansed because the source of many pimples is heat and body heat or dirty blood. When you clean your liver, your face becomes clear and without blemishes. Chicory is the best treatment to cleanse the liver and brighten the skin. According to traditional medicine experts, the use of chicory sweat eliminates facial pimples and gives freshness and freshness to the skin.

Treatment of eczema with the help of chicory

To treat eczema with the help of chicory, you should crush this plant, take its water and mix the obtained solution with egg white. Put this mask on your face and wash it off after 15.

Remove the boil with chicory

To remove the boil with chicory, boil a tablespoon of the leaf powder of this plant in some water and after straining, mix its concentrated water with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and rub it on the boils. After 15 minutes, you can wash this mask off your face.

Fresh skin with chicory

To rejuvenate facial skin, it is recommended to beat a mixture of 20 grams of fresh chicory leaves and 20 grams of fresh leek leaves in a mortar and add a tablespoon of semi-concentrated tragacanth gel. Use the resulting mixture as a mask for skin freshness.

Clear your skin with chicory

To clear the skin, traditional medicine experts recommend that you mix three tablespoons of crushed chicory juice with 2 tablespoons of honey and massage the skin three times a day (morning, noon, evening).

Treatment of skin problems with chicory sweat

Experts in traditional medicine say that the main cause of many pimples on the face and body is the prevalence of hot flashes and consumption of hot flashes, which can be treated by consuming chicory sweat, because the nature of this substance is cold and by consuming it moderates the temperament and hot pimples. To treat acne with chicory juice, it is recommended to mix chicory and fennel juice in a ratio (ratio of two to one) and drink three glasses of this mixture a day before each meal.

Source: Young Journalists Club