Treatment of frequent sneezes in autumn and winter is hidden in the hands of this tea

Drink chamomile tea! Chamomile tea has antihistamine effects and to prevent عطسه‌Frequent hay is useful. By consuming a cup of chamomile tea daily, you can reduce the level of histamines in the body and عطسه‌Help. Now go down and very simple and easy about herbal medicines including medicines in treatment Sneezing Know the great miracle and recommend it to others…

Replace these plants with chemicals:

Kholnjan: Back pain reliever

Black Barberry: Blood thinner

Sumac Nasabid: Anti-lipid

Sour cream: lowers blood pressure

Steamed turnips: antibiotics

Red ginseng root: Antivirus

Tincture of “Musk of Genie”: Blood sugar

Roman wormwood: anti-parasitic

Valerian: Calms the nerves

Cockange Behind the Scenes Doll: Anti-gout

Hyssop thorn: bronchodilator

Ginkgo flower: increase blood pressure

Autumn and are you sneezing? (Seasonal allergies)

Thyme: expectorant

Tribulus terrestris: Urinary tract infection

Ginger: Anti-nausea

Mango: Vitamin a

Chamomile: Muscle relaxant

Licorice: Anti-inflammatory

Marjoram: Anti-vertigo

Chamomile: strengthens the digestive system

Clay milk: laxative

Licorice: Stomach ulcer

Eucalyptus leaf extract: anti-lice and scabies

Golmohammadi: Anti-heartbeat

Thyme: anti-allergic

Mint leaves: anticonvulsant

Autumn and are you sneezing? (Seasonal allergies)

Elm kernel powder: anti-diarrhea

Plant water plant: brain stimulant

Red Velik: Anticonvulsant

White nettle root: anti-prostate inflammation

Five fingers: boost female sex hormone

Carnation: Topical anesthetic

White tea: Anti-nerve weakness

Red Barberry: Anticoagulant

Source: Wetland