Trump campaign order to preserve all documents related to Dominion voting machines

Donald Trump’s legal team has issued a statement urging Presidential Campaign staff to keep all documents related to the Dominion polling stations, as there is a possibility of a lawsuit being filed by the company.

Sydney Powell is a former lawyer for the US president who had previously claimed that “widespread fraud” had taken place in the 2020 presidential race, leading to the victory of Joe Biden, according to ISNA. Last month, Powell announced that the Dominion ballot counters had deliberately miscalculated the ballots.

CNN reported Saturday that Donald Trump’s legal team has issued a special statement instructing staff to keep all documents related to the Dominion polling stations, and former US attorney Sydney Powell may be charged by Dominion over the allegations. To be prosecuted for election fraud.

The statement also contained a letter from Dominion asking the lawyer to substantiate his allegations that the company’s software had been used to rig the 2020 US presidential election.

According to the Trump campaign secretary general who sent the announcement, the company is referring to some of Trump’s lawyers, but the campaign does not expect a lawsuit to be filed against it at this time.

A statement from Trump campaign staff said: “Make sure relevant staff are aware that these records must be kept. These files or boxes should be tagged. Do not destroy them without the permission of the Secretary-General.

Dominion voting systems became part of the post-2020 confusion as Donald Trump’s team accused the company of miscalculating votes. Dominion devices were used in a number of states, and according to the Trump team, its “unsafe” software was programmed to count votes in favor of Joe Biden.

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