Trump Destroyer Game Before Farewell

According to Eqtesadnews, Cyanan analyst Julian Gilzer wrote a note on the destructive actions of Donald Trump during the transition in the United States and suggested that these actions could lead to a review of US election laws.

Trump’s irregular play in the transition period

Giller called the recent US post-election period catastrophic. According to him, although there has always been concern in the United States about what happens between the presidential election and the inauguration, what has happened in recent weeks has been interpreted as the worst kind of concern.

History of the transition period

In the past, the transition period has been longer than that. Prior to the enactment of the Twentieth Amendment in 1933, the transition period was about four months (from early November to March 4). This distance allowed the counting and reporting of votes to the Congress and provided the necessary opportunity for the President to be present in the capital. But the emergence of the problems that arose during this period and the technological advances that accelerated the arrival of the President to the capital, reduced the duration of the transition period; Especially after the disastrous winter of 1860, when, after the election of Abraham Lincoln, several southern states decided to leave the union and form a new confederation, effectively leaving him powerless.

Finally, according to the 20th Amendment, January 20 was designated as the day of inauguration and January 3 as the day of the beginning of the new Congress. Perhaps the last thing that compelled Americans to reconsider was Franklin Roosevelt’s many problems after the 1932 election to begin the New Deal; A program that seeks government intervention in Economy To get out of the terrible crisis caused by the Great Depression of 1929 and to breathe new life into the economic infrastructure.

Trump’s destructive margins

According to a Cyanide analyst, it is now clear that even two months does not guarantee the health of the transition period. With the United States suffering from the effects of the Crohn’s disease epidemic, Donald Trump has been playing a destructive political game for the rest of his life.

He has been repeating baseless allegations of electoral fraud for weeks. To challenge the election results, he filed several unsuccessful lawsuits and even contacted state councils to persuade them to intervene in his favor. Even when his efforts were in vain, he repeated the allegations of electoral fraud without any credible evidence.

From the author’s point of view, despite Trump’s failed efforts to change the outcome of the election, he appears to have succeeded in spreading public distrust of the political system and fueling harmful political contradictions, making things more difficult for the Biden administration.

In addition, he has left a dangerous tradition for future presidents to oppose election results based on false claims. To complicate matters, he has delayed the transfer process and made things difficult for the Biden administration from day one.

Trump’s distorted policies during the epidemic

The president, while focusing all his efforts on challenging the election results, has pursued a policy of distortion in the face of the country’s most important issue (the corona epidemic). As the United States begins to see an increase in the number of patients and the capacity of medical facilities as winter begins, he has turned a blind eye to the suffering of millions of families affected by the epidemic. Despite registering 18 million cases, the deaths of more than 330,000 people and millions in distress, there is no effective leadership by Washington to prevent the spread of the disease.

Although nearly one million Americans have been vaccinated so far, this is far less than the government’s plan to vaccinate 20 million by the end of December. Last week, the head of vaccination operations, Gustav Perna, apologized for miscalculating the number of doses sent to several states, and slowed down problems with poor planning of the vaccination process.

Trump’s late decision to oppose the congressional support package has also jeopardized the financial situation of millions of Americans. Instead of actually trying to pressure Republican lawmakers and senators to push for a Democrat-backed bill, he decided to intervene and demand $ 2,000 per person only after Congress approved a $ 600 per person bill.

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Friendly amnesties

The current president of the United States has used the rest of his term to grant presidential pardons, which is one of the worst abuses of constitutional power. Instead of using forgiveness as a mechanism for compassion and justice, he has used his power to protect his friends.

Roger Stone was convicted of seven counts, including intimidation, threatening a witness and lying under oath; Paul Manfort sentenced to eight financial charges; Alex Vanderjevan accused of lying to interrogators; George Papadopoulos was also pardoned for lying to AFP, and Michael Flann, who was found guilty of lying to AFP, were all pardoned; It is as if they have been praised for their loyalty and deserved to receive an award. Four Blackwater employees were pardoned despite being convicted of killing fourteen Iraqis in 2007. The list of presidential pardons will undoubtedly increase in the coming weeks.

Gilzer emphasizes that Trump is undoubtedly not the first to use his presidency in the worst possible way, but he believes that the scope and scale of his unjustifiable decisions put him at the top of the list of misuse of power.

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Review during the transition period

The Cyanide analyst raises the question of whether Congress should further reduce the time between the presidential election and the inauguration, given what has happened during this transition period.

According to him, the possibility and desirability of this issue is still unclear. At a time when the responsibilities of the presidency have increased significantly with the growth and expansion of governments, there must be enough time to form a government and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Yet Americans are well aware of the potential for abuse of power and major instability by the president in their political system. Therefore, even if the transition period is not shortened, mechanisms must be put in place to protect against such conditions.

The experience of the current transition period provides strong reasons for reviewing election laws, providing greater transparency in the process of selecting colleges of representation, and restraining the executive power of the outgoing president.