Trump has denied martial law in the United States

Hours after the news broke about the president’s consultation America With his advisers about the possibility of establishing Military rule In this country, Donald Trump reacted to this news.

While some relatives of US President Donald Trump have offered him martial law to change the outcome of the presidential election, US media reported this Sunday morning that he is considering the option.

“Trump has discussed the issue of declaring martial law to change the outcome of the election in a meeting with a number of his advisers and allies,” Xinhua reported.

The news sparked a backlash from President Donald Trump, who denied the allegations in a Twitter message hours after the news broke.

In a Twitter message, Trump called the news a hoax, accusing the media of publishing the news of deliberately and deliberately spreading false reports.

“Military rule = fake news,” the president wrote on Twitter. “This is another deliberate release of false reports.”

Trump’s swift response to speculation that he was consulting with his advisers on martial law comes after Mike Flynn, the first White House national security adviser in his administration, suggested that the president could establish martial law to reverse the presidential election result. Slowly

The president still insists that Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election by the Electoral College and the recognition of senior congressional lawmakers as the leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate, he won the election and the Democrats committed widespread fraud And stole elections.