Trump lost to Iran

Mashreq / The National Interest magazine criticized Trump’s policy on Iran in a note written by former CIA expert Plopilar. In his view, the policy of “maximum pressure” was irrational about how to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons; Trump simply wanted to violate the agreement that Obama had signed.

Online triangle analytical news site:

The author argues that these policies not only did not end Iran’s alarming activities, but also increased Iran’s enriched uranium reserves to more than 12 times the permissible level, used more advanced centrifuges in Iran’s nuclear industry, and attacked Iran’s allies in attacking allies’ oil facilities. America has provoked. So why has the Trump administration continued this policy? Pilar cites the following reasons:

1- Because the computational logic of the US governing body is based on “pressure to negotiate” about Iran and various governments think that with some intensification of economic pressure on Iran, the Islamic Republic will accept their favorable negotiations.
2- Because no government in the United States is worried about its voting base by being strict with Iran. On the contrary, as pressure on Iran intensifies, it gains the votes of Zionists and evangelical Christians.
3- The continuation of sanctions and anti-security measures against Iran will challenge the policy of a democratic government regarding Iran and will not allow the opening of a diplomatic route in this regard.
Although a direct military strike does not seem to be one of Trump’s options, given the special relationship between Trump and Pompeo and Netanyahu, the possibility of new acts of sabotage against Iran should still be considered. Criticisms of the Trump administration’s policy on Iran, such as the one in question, show that there is a lack of consensus among the country’s elite.