Trump’s latest attempt to change the election results

According to the report, most of the president’s advisers, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, withdrew in support of the plan after Trump raised the issue at Friday’s meeting.

The New York Times reports that Trump will also ask assistants at the meeting about the proposal by former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn to deploy US troops in key states.

According to the Times, Trump’s request is again opposed by advisers.

Trump last month pardoned Flynn, who confessed to lying to FBI police during an investigation into Russia.

The President of the United States called on his supporters to protest in Washington on January 6, after failing to file a lawsuit to change the election results and the rejection of his theoretical plans in important states.

Trump wrote in a Twitter message: “It is statistically impossible for me to lose the result of the 2020 elections. On January 6 (January 17) in Washington DC, there will be large protests (hold), be there and be ‘fast’.

Many US domestic experts and analysts have described Trump’s refusal to accept defeat in the 59th US presidential election as a threat to national security.

Trump, who has blocked all legal avenues for proving electoral fraud to change the outcome of the vote, is now trying to rely on some racist and extremist groups he has implicitly supported over the past four years. To make the situation as critical as possible before the first of Bahman, the time of the inauguration ceremony.