Two good news for the stock market

According to Eqtesadnews, the trend of changes in stock market indicators on Saturday was positive. In Saturday’s trading, the total growth index was 31,527 units and reached 1,444,000 units. The total homogeneous index also grew by 4,840 units to 445,235 units. 352 stock market symbols had a price increase of 74% and the stock price decreased by 22%.

The largest price increase; Commodity stock price growth

Yesterday, the stocks of Bama Company (with the trading symbol Kama) had the highest stock price growth. After Kama, Behnoosh Iran Company (with the symbol of Ghabnoosh) and Magsal (with the symbol of Zamgsa) had the highest price growth and in OTC Also, the agro-industrial companies of Dasht-e Khorramdareh (Zadasht), electricity and energy of Payvand Gostar Pars (Bevivand) and the development of marine and port services of Sina (Hosseina) had the highest price increases.

The largest price reduction; Bad day of Parsian insurance

Parsian Insurance (with the symbol of Parsian) on Saturday had the highest price reduction among listed companies. After Parsian Insurance, Azerbaijan Development Investment Company (Wa Azar) and Kashi Alvand (Klond) had the highest decrease in market prices and in transactions OTC Murabaha government bonds, Arad 60 and Bank Melli housing facility bonds, Tamli 801, Tamli 807, Tamli 804, Tamli 701 and Tamli 805 had the highest price reductions.

Market supply and demand

Since the symbols that are accompanied by a buy queue at the end of trading are also in demand the next day, and the symbols with a sell queue at the end of trading are also faced with high supply the next day, it seems that examining supply and final demand on Saturday, Predict the stock market trend today.

Stock queues

Most demands; Bu’ali is still at the top

At the end of Saturday trading, the highest value of the buying queue for the fifth consecutive day belonged to Bouali Petrochemical Company (with the trading symbol of Bouali). In the shopping queue table on Saturday, after Bu Ali, Zagros (Zagros Petrochemical) and Kabahman (Kowsar Bahman Investment Management) had the highest buying queue.

Most offers; Kapars sales queue

The symbol of Kapars (Pars Tile Company) had the highest sales queue value in the market, and after Kapars, Padrakhsh (Derakhshan Iran Company) and Vesakhraj (South Khorasan Province Investment Company) were in the next ranks of the table with the highest sales queue value.

Stock queues

Forecast the stock market today

Yesterday, the total index and the stock market homogeneous index climbed. But in addition to the growth of indices, there are two important positive signs in the market that can be good news for shareholders.

First; Demand growth

At the end of trading on the first day of the week, there were 219 symbols in the shopping queue and the value of the shopping queues was 2,709 billion tomans, which was an increase of 84% compared to Wednesday. Also, 36 symbols had sales queues and the value of sales queues was 218 billion tomans, which shows a decrease of 77% compared to the previous working day.

Yesterday, we witnessed a surplus of demand of 2,491 billion tomans, which was an increase of 367% compared to Wednesday. The growth of the value of shopping queues and the existence of excess demand in the stock market can cover the stock market on the second day of the week.

Second; Real money entry

The second important event in yesterday’s transactions was the entry of 1,508 billion tomans of real money into the stock market, which is the largest inflow of real money since November 27th. After the stock market witnessed the outflow of real money for 4 consecutive days, a significant amount of real money entered the stock market yesterday, which could increase the demand for the stock market in the coming days.